XRP headed for ATH after potential SEC settlement?

XRP has been downplaying in terms of performance, staying away from an ATH. This could be drawn from the ongoing Ripple versus SEC legal battle. However, that is expected to conclude on April 11, 2024, when the Commission and Ripple meet behind the doors for a possible settlement. If reached, XRP would pump up the value and fetch profits to the trading community. This is a speculation, with actual performance yet to be determined.

Until now, XRP has been said to have followed a more lethargic pace in keeping up with the bull run. For instance, BTC is above $70,000 again, but XRP has not reflected an iota of it on the list. XRP is well below the $1 milestone, potentially driving the $0.7000 mark in the coming days.

Rumors of a settlement between the SEC and Ripple have started making rounds even though there is no clarity from either side about it. The agency and Ripple have not spoken a word about drafting the settlement agreement. The two-year legal battle has drained most of the value of XRP. That has affected the token to the extent that it barely considers the possibility of an ETF. Not to forget that an XRP ETF is still on the table.

Thanks to what’s going on there, members of the Ripple Community now have an opportunity to anticipate a bull run for XRP. Some of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have supported this include JackTheRippler and Crypto Barbie. Since the agency has lost a round against Coinbase, Crypto Barbie, for example, has stated that they are optimistic about XRP’s triumph.

JackTheRippler has not mentioned Coinbase but has expressed confidence about reaching a settlement.

Not every member has pinned his or her hope, though. Doctor Magic, for instance, has said that XRP is poised to eventually break out and reach the value of more than $1 irrespective of how its closed-door meeting with the US Securities & Exchange Commission goes on April 11, 2024, almost 2 days from today.

XRP has experienced its fair share of fluctuations. The token has increased by 3.46% in the last seven days but has shed 2.54% of its weight in the last thirty days. At the time of drafting this article, XRP was listed at $0.6076. It must first surpass $0.7000 to pave the way for an ATH of $1.

Alternatively, a rise of 11% has been pointed out by the early days of May 2024. It is right to assume that Bitcoin Halving and the possibility of XRP ETF will pump up the listed price after the Ripple versus SEC case sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sentiments around Ripple’s XRP are neutral, but the Fear & Greed Index is pinned at 78 for extreme greed.

Trevor Holman

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