XRP price may gain traction, sparking optimism for its holders

XRP is holding on to the current momentum of staying above $0.5, currently exchanging hands at $0.5036. The community has set the safety net at $0.4, dropping below which will open the doors for a free fall to $0.3 or $0.2. That is unlikely, considering there is a sense of optimism among the community members, who speculate that the XRP price is gaining traction and will surpass $1 by the end of this year or early next year.

XRP’s short-term target

The short-term target for XRP is to touch the milestone of $0.6. That is doable since there is speculation that XRP will breach the high of $1 in the near future. Assuming Ripple’s token succeeds in flirting with $0.5 for a little longer, the token will surely tease holders for a rise to the said mark.

Dark Defender, a crypto enthusiast, has set a target for a bigger value during the time around Bitcoin halving. BTC and XRP often mirror each other’s trends. Bitcoin is likely to surge after the halving process. So is XRP. Also, the rise is based on the alignment of the MACD bullish crossover on the monthly time frame.

Simply put, the current performance of the token has little impact on its holders. They are retaining their confidence with anticipation for a jump in the times to come.

Will XRP reach $1 by the end of 2024?

That remains a tough nut to crack, no matter what estimates or analysts put on the table. XRP, or any other crypto token for that matter, continues dancing to the tunes of volatility. Even if a rise is in the picture, it could be outbalanced by a significant drop at any moment. Take BTC, for instance. The token was to experience an uptick. It did, but then a failure to sustain the rise followed.

Bitcoin is still poised to mark a surge on the graph, but a definite timeline remains unavailable.

XRP could reach $1 by the end of 2024. XRP price prediction estimates that the milestone will be surprising in the middle of the year. It nearly fell after the Bitcoin halving process. Thereby, it is coming out in support of the idea that it will mirror the trend of Bitcoin later. More optimistic predictions estimate that a jump to $7 or $13 may also play out by the end of 2025.

Comprehensive analysis of XRP

Dark Defender is not the only one to defend the XRP holders. Another analyst, Perry XRParker, is even more enthusiastic about the token. They are the ones to have tabled the range for 2025-end. They have not based it on a concrete foundation. Instead, they have said that, for once, they are seeing a $7-$13 price range by the end of 2025.

Dark Defender has been clearer, stating that XRP has undergone a period of consolidation and has endured psychological tests over the years. Also, they have acknowledged technical moves within Elliott Waves, setting the stage for the third wave.


What could potentially play a spoilsport is the legal battle between Ripple and the US Securities & Exchange Commission. They are in the remedy phase, probably a few months away from resolving the dispute that has been going on since 2020. Bill Morgan, a pro-XRP lawyer, has posed a unique statement, saying that Bitcoin could fall prey to market dynamics during a downturn.


The community is speculating about where the price of Ripple’s XRP will land by the end of 2024. It is possible to draft a clearer picture once Bitcoin Halving has concluded, forming a picture on the graph for the crypto sphere to refer to.

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