The golden crossover in XRP will also pump TOADS to new 2023 highs

In the crypto market, the “golden crossover” is a powerful indicator that signals a bullish market trend when a shorter-term moving average crosses over a longer-term one. Ripple (XRP), a cryptocurrency asset that transfers funds efficiently across borders, has experienced a golden crossover, generating excitement and market interest. 

As the crypto market excitedly awaits upward trends, investors are now focusing on DigiToads (TOADS), as this golden crossover will also pump this meme coin to new 2023 highs.

DigiToads, an emerging cryptocurrency, is stirring the market with its innovative features and versatile investment opportunities, such as P2E gaming and NFT staking. TOADS’ unique value proposition and disruptive technology have attracted numerous investors who consider it the best crypto to invest in for long-term investments.

This article discusses why the golden crossover in XRP will also pump TOADS, propelling it to new 2023 highs.

DigiToads: Providing Investors with Profitable and Innovative Features

DigiToads (TOADS) is a cryptocurrency project that fuses meme culture with blockchain technology. The project’s ongoing presale has been successful, bringing it closer to its $6 million target. This is due to the presale structure, which incentivizes early adopters. The TOADS presale consists of ten stages, with stage 9 currently ongoing at a token price of $0.047. 

DigiToads is regarded as one of the best cryptos to buy now, having raised over $6 million and sold over 360 million TOADS tokens. The project’s successful ongoing presale alongside XRP’s golden crossover will pump TOADS to new highs in 2023.

The success of the project’s presale is due to its unique features, one of which is its P2E gaming platform. The DigiToads ecosystem offers investors a fascinating Web3 game in which they may collect, raise, and combat virtual DigiToads. TOADS can be purchased, traded, or even won by players. 

Each DigiToad has a unique personality and set of skills. The top 25% of players on the leaderboard at the end of each monthly DigiToads season are rewarded with TOADS tokens from the prize pool. The prize pool guarantees that rewards are allocated and split evenly among the top 25% of players.

Another feature that enhances the project’s appeal is the TOADS NFT collection and staking platform. During its presale, DigiToads released 3500 trending NFTs. The NFT collections feature TOAD interpretations of a handful of notable figures and characters. Holders of TOADS’ trending NFTs can stake these digital assets in the platform’s staking pool. The longer these digital assets are staked, the more returns investors stand to gain.


Ripple (XRP): Facilitating Secure and Efficient Transactions For Investors Globally

Ripple is a distributed ledger platform and digital payment network that uses its native cryptocurrency, XRP, to facilitate transactions. This crypto asset enables low-cost, fast, and secure international money transfers. XRP’s principal function is as a “bridge currency,” making it easier and cheaper for financial institutions to trade between crypto and fiat. 

Ripple’s ecosystem employs the XRP Ledger. The ledger is used to keep track of financial information, including deposits, withdrawals, and balances, and it is protected cryptographically with private and public keys.

Recently, XRP has witnessed a golden crossover in its market value, where its shorter-term moving average crosses over its longer-term moving average. The presence of such a surge in the value of Ripple encourages investors since it indicates that the asset’s value may soon increase. Not only does XRP’s golden crossover signify increased value in the project, but this growth also pumps other emerging crypto assets into the market, like TOADS, raising it to new heights in the market.


The golden crossover in XRP has generated excitement and garnered the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. XRP’s recent surge is a reliable indicator of bullish momentum coming into the market. This golden crossover paved the way for TOADS to reach new heights in 2023. 

DigiToads has become the best crypto to invest in due to its innovative functionalities, strong user participation, and cutting-edge blockchain technology. DigiToads’ 450% returns on investors for early backers have propelled the token, making it one of the best cryptos to buy now. Don’t miss out on TOADS’ presale!

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