Xsolla introduces Story3, a platform dedicated to creators

Xsolla, a global video game commerce company, has introduced Story3, a novel platform designed to ensure creators receive more equitable compensation.

Videogame commerce company Xsolla has released Story3. It has brought along some opportunities for Web3 creators to claim their rightful compensation. Deemed ideal for creative minds, Story3 targets a section of journalists, storytellers, and writers. Overall, the objective remains to provide more equitable compensation to those who create content on the platform.

Web3 has often been defined as a sphere that has been populated with marketplaces. This hampers how creators seek fairness and just pay for their projects. It has also been called a crowded creator economy, with big companies taking large cuts in earnings.

Some of the features of Story3 that have been made public are:

  • Enhanced audience interaction
  • User-friendly monetization process
  • Streamlined payouts

Enhanced audience interaction allows authors to interact directly with their audience. This is accomplished by eliminating intermediaries, resulting in improved relationships. The monetization process is straightforward, with benefits including the opportunity to provide personalized experiences. Streamlined payouts refer to having a transparent and efficient payment system in place. It will also ensure that compensation is paid on schedule and is reasonable by market standards.

Shurick Agapitov, the founder of Xsolla, has published a statement that called the platform an audacious response to the prevailing climate. Shurick has added that they want to provide a place where creators can rightfully negotiate terms and conditions for stable earnings. The founder has also acknowledged the issue of creators grappling with uncertain career trajectories and inadequate compensation.

The implementation of Story3 is expected to benefit a broad number of markets. Xsolla operates in more than 200 locations. It has collaborated with Twitch, Roblox, Epic Games, Steam, and other platforms to increase its visibility. Xsolla ensures that it conforms with all necessary regional legal requirements.

That said, it has been a long time since creators have taken center stage in struggling with getting appropriate benefits. Web3 is a growing segment, with companies joining hands and creators seeking fair compensation. The problem, rather, goes back to the time when Blur and OpenSea vigorously fought to retain creators.

Yuga Labs and Magic Eden announced that they plan to launch an Ethereum Marketplace focusing on creators by honoring royalties. The idea is to attract a larger number of builders and creators. However, it is a start that both partners are looking forward to.


Before that, OpenSea announced that it would do away with Lazy Minting, replacing it with Creator Studio. That new feature comes loaded with more options beneficial to creators: analysis, management, and creation of their NFT collection. Other perks include an FAQ section, image, and video library.

Simply put, most of the platforms are improving their games to entice creators to their platforms. The latest to do so is Xsolla on the Story3 platform. No matter who does what, creators are definitely going to get most of the advantages in the end.

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