XTB releases new social trading feature for investor engagement

XTB recently released a new feature to enable users to follow top investors. The social trading feature will also help traders view investors’ portfolios.

Announced at the start of 2024, XTB is following its roadmap faithfully. Their new feature is also a step toward the completion of the roadmap. The XTB Social product allows traders to follow successful investors and review their portfolio composition and statistics.

A quick XTB review also reveals that the feature allows users to get customized notifications regarding transactions. XTB talked about the recent addition, stating that the platform has been looking for a product that can meet the expectations of social features while helping users follow others.

The latest release adds to the list of crucial product developments XTB has released in 2024. The venture recently added a feature to help users exchange currencies across their investment accounts.

XTB has now improved the investment app with even more advanced features. Following the release pattern, the platform is set to release bond trading in 2024. Omar Arnaout, the XTB’s CEO, talked about the new releases.

According to Omar, the new product aims to fill the financial industry gap. The growing popularity of user engagement-centric features is the need of the hour.

Currently, this feature has only been added in the Poland region. However, XTB plans to release the feature to other markets as well.

The top investors users can follow will be ranked using an algorithm that evaluates portfolio profitability compared to risk, diversification, concentration, etc. The product allows clients to develop their detailed strategies using diverse data.

As XTB heavily promotes passive investments, such products will define the platform’s market success. If XTB Social fetches favorable numbers, the platform will release similar features soon.

Scott Cook

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