XTB UK boosts team with top finance pro from GAIN and Forex.com

XTB, a fintech investment provider, had recently planned to expand its offerings and presence in other regions. Those plans are now being strengthened with the addition of a new member to the team, Kathleen Brooks. She comes with 15 years of experience in retail trading and investment markets. Brooks is now tasked with handling the Research Department to help customers make a more informed decision.

Kathleen has previously worked for big firms like GAIN and Forex.com. It only signals that she is more than capable of shifting tides in the industry by helping customers in their quest to achieve the best trades and company in serving their customers.

What is more likely to work in the hiring process is her image as a market expert and her awareness of news networks that provide the best pieces of insight and commentary.

Potential Impact on New XTB Services

It’s been a few moments since XTB announced having Kathleen as their Research Director. However, she got started with the job by asking customers to look out for upcoming developments like elections and geopolitical events.

XTB plans to introduce commission-free stocks and ETFs for long-term investment. This aligns with the mission of expanding the product line. It will be Kathleen’s job to ensure customers have access to accurate or near-accurate insights into the market. XTB is pretty confident about her skills. Joshua Raymond, the Director of XTB UK, has highlighted that her skillset will help the company deepen its research and grant customers access to market insights.

Brooks has said that she is excited to join the team and is looking forward to enhancing the decision-making of customers. Her appointment indeed reflects the strengthening of the XTB leadership team.

XTB has introduced two new services: ETF-based investment plans and fund auto-investment. Launching the Investment Plans is crucial since it includes automatic fund investing. Customers would be able to put their trades into auto-gear and watch the platform produce the desired results.

It is only when the research reaches a conclusion that one can speculate on the daily outcomes of transactions. It will also assist clients in determining where their strategies require modification. Kathleen’s contribution will be crucial as XTB strives to establish a knowledge repository for its clientele.

Also, XTB plans to expand its fractional shares range in the UK, the UAE, and other jurisdictions. Achraf Drid, the Chief Executive Officer of XTB MENA, has said that the aim is to have an equity culture where private investors can participate in the performance of a company they believe will roll out significant potential. What XTB UK boosts right now is also the key to expanding fractional shares in new jurisdictions.

Investors have been looking up to XTB since the time it enabled customers to earn interest up to 5% on their idle funds in select currencies – PLN, USD, EUR, and GBP. Such initiatives have pulled up its share prices by 22% at a time when CMC Markets faced a downturn of more than 50%. Newly hired XTB’s leadership from Forex.com is an answer to grow that image and hence, the share prices.


It is based on the assumption that things worked out for the company when it hired a robotic expert as the head of its AI Department. That has paved the way for creating AI-powered tools to streamline processes of business and introduce effective trading tools for customers.


Kathleen Brooks is a founding member of GAIN Capital & Forex.com and possesses fifteen years of experience in financial market analysis. Her presence is critical for XTB in order to provide consumers with current market information and details. She has previously suggested that she is attentive to forthcoming elections and geopolitical developments. Kathleen is presently positioned to emerge as a cornerstone in XTB’s endeavors to broaden its selection of fractional shares in the United Kingdom, the UAE, and additional jurisdictions.

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