Xumm presents pre-funded Tangem Cards for XRP Ledger access

Although cryptocurrencies and blockchains have numerous advantages, using these technologies can be difficult, especially for newcomers. XUMM pre-funded Tangem Cards were introduced to the XRP Ledger community, simplifying the processes of account reserves and activations and providing seamless account activation and reserves.

The simplicity of pre-funded Tangem Cards eliminates all initial hurdles customers confront, including the purchase of XRP tokens to activate XUMM accounts. Tangem Cards are simple to use, provide complete anonymity, generate an r-address during the first usage, and are shipped without any key pair.

The cards are pre-funded with a certain XRP amount tied to every serial number, providing a seamless start with sorted account reserves and additional XRP tokens to explore trades, trust lines, and the overall XRPL ecosystem. 

Setting up an XUMM Tangem Card is simple, thanks to NFC technology, which brings these cards to life whenever the Add Tangem Card option is clicked. XUMM then guides users through the simple and smooth account setup and verification steps. Following completion, a new account on the XRP Ledger is created, letting users engage with digital assets, NFTs, the XRP Ledger, and other transaction types. Those who desire a backup card can get one to ensure that their digital assets are accessible even when they don’t have a card.

The pre-funded Tangem Cards strike a balance between user friendliness and security. Its private keys are secured through encryption, and transactions made using the card are signed, ensuring the secret information of the users is confined securely within the ecosystem.

The introduction of pre-funded Tangem Cards on the XRP Ledger might act as a positive push on XRP prices. Know more about XRP future prices to make wise and well-informed investment decisions. 

Additionally, users concerned about misplaced cards can benefit from the security provided by Tangem Backup, an embedded feature within the XUMM platform. Tangem Backup enables the manual setup of an additional pre-funded card to safeguard virtual assets at all times.


These cards provide a user-friendly and secure means of communication within the XRPL ecosystem via XUMM, but they should not be mistaken for ATM, debit, or credit cards.

Trevor Holman

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