y00ts forms a link from Solana to Polygon & eases the user experience

y00ts, which happens to be a most sought-after non-fungible token (NFT), has made the declaration that it has formed a link from Solana to Polygon. This will help in providing much more enhanced liquidity, as well as interoperability, in terms of all of those who happen to be seeking avenues for the purchasing as well as the selling of NFTs. Also, with the linking to Polygon, there will be far greater connectivity with the y00ts NFTs, along with making adequate improvements to the overall user experience. 

Incidentally, Polygon happens to be a Layer 2 upgrading solution that functions on top of Ethereum. Besides all other factors, this activity of y00ts shifting to the Polygon network happens to prove the very significance of compatibility in the ever-shifting NFT arena. It is important for builders to be able to work in tandem with the changing technologies, as well as the networks, in order to be able to solidify their position at all times. 

Out of all of this, users who happen to be holding on to y00ts will see themselves as being the beneficiaries directly from the linking. In the beginning twenty-four hours, the gas fees will be taken care of, along with no staking charges. The holders will also be the recipients of $5 USDC against each and every Y00t that happens to get listed on MagicEden, which will also be waiving off all kinds of charges on Y00t for a period of one month after the linking that will take place on the 27th of March, 2023.

Further to that, the team at y00ts will be carrying out an airdrop of a sole BTC deGod to 1 Y00t that happens to link to the Polygon network during the beginning twenty-four hours. A snapshot will then be taken by the concerned team members regarding all of the linked NFTs, out of which a random winner will be chosen. Eventually, in the case of all of those who seemingly are not so inclined, the team at Y00t happened to have executed a mandatory 33.3% Paper Hands Bridge Tax against all of the unbridged y00ts till the 3rd of April, 2023. 

The NFTS of y00ts happen to be one-of-its-kind, along with providing interactivity of a high degree in terms of the Web3 arena. The NFT happens to be customizable, and it provides the owner the opportunity of being able to alter the color, as well as the structure of the y00ts. In addition to this, they will have the option of being able to make add-ons in the form of accessories, such as hats and sunglasses. It will also contain an in-built audio part that sets off a different sound while the owner is in the process of interacting. 


The shifting of y00ts to the Polygon network proves the significance of forming a link between various blockchain networks. Keeping an eye out for the ever-changing NFT market will be the need of the hour. With the acceptance of the NFT increasing each day, builders will be required to stay in touch. Linking up with various networks brings about a greater amount of exposure, along with being able to provide quick as well as more cost-effective transactions. This will, in turn, address the issues of the presently exorbitant transaction fees, as well as the increased amount of time taken to carry out a transaction on the Polygon network.   

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