y00ts is moving to Ethereum, joining DeGods in the club

An announcement has come from y00ts with the team stating that it is soon moving up the ladder with Ethereum. This comes months after it concluded its migration to Polygon and secured a grant worth $3 million. A commitment has been made by y00ts to return the funds so that Polygon can redeploy them to expand its NFT ecosystem.

A tentative date of migration to Ethereum is currently unavailable; however, the community can expect the announcement in this regard to happen any time in the days to come.

Migrating to Ethereum is a step that is motivated to match up to the community of DeGods. The project was earlier on Solana, but the network could not keep up, and hence, DeLabs attempted the migration. y00ts has said that migration is to make sure that both communities are combined in the ecosystem. They have also clarified that there are no hard feelings against Polygon. If anything, they wish to nurture the relationship that has been established with the network.

Polygon has reciprocated with a statement to explain that y00ts was indeed helpful in expanding its NFT ecosystem. Sandeep Nailwal, the Co-Founder of Polygon, has stated that the team of y00ts played a huge role in expanding the ecosystem of NFT on Polygon. Sandeep has further added that they will continue to nurture the community, which has tripled in size.

Polygon has said that it will add support to native creators and projects with the objective of helping them evolve their respective NFTs.

As for y00ts, the team has said through a tweet that it was the right to unite DeGods and y00ts communities. DeGoda and y00ts were responsible for 70% of the NFL sale on Solana in terms of volume. y00ts had earlier planned to utilize the grants by Polygon in expanding its team and growing the project. That fund will now be utilized back by Polygon to empower its creators and projects.

Rohun Vora, Project Leader at DeGods, who also goes by the name Frank on X, formerly Twitter, has said that they moved to another network only after they capped out on Solana. Rohun has confirmed that it’s all love between the communities, adding that they tried their best, but there is now just a need to bring the two communities together.

The community has responded to the development with mixed reactions. Some of them have expressed their excitement; however, some of them have said that it was only obvious for y00ts to make the shift. They are just glad that y00ts is honoring the deal with Polygon by returning the $3 million worth of Grant.

Sale statistics by OpenSea show that the numbers of y00ts are currently up while the numbers of DeGods NFTs are down. A revised set of data is yet to be made public; one can only assume that y00ts and DeGods will cover up for the current loss by sharing the stage during the Season III collection release.

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