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YAY Games has finally decided to use the cross-chain protocol of Avalanche to leverage the advanced technology and unique consensus model of the platform. By deploying on Avalanche, YAY Games shall be able to expand the GameFi space and increase its potential beyond extraordinary levels. This strategic collaboration with Avalanche will enhance the network and decentralized gaming market forum of YAY Games and provide the users of the gaming platform a high level of security and high speed of transactions, along with the added benefit of low costs. The registered users shall be able to conduct trading in NFTs and other tokens at YAY Games in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The decentralized gaming forum of YAY Games is associated with a growing community of gamers, farmers, and traders that helps to merge the gaming sector with the DeFi ecosystem. At its core, the platform focuses on launching multiple games on Blockchain networks to bridge the gap between DeFi and games and encourage decentralized gaming. YAY Games focuses on introducing regular gamers to blockchain technology and decentralized finance by launching farming pools, adding NFTs to traditional games, and creating unique in-game mechanics. The platform also offers rewards to players on the basis of their accomplishments and the number of games played by them. 

Avalanche is one of the best and fastest platforms for executing smart contracts in the blockchain industry. The platform is associated with several POS protocol validators. The protocol of Avalanche, which is crucial for the execution of almost instant transactions in the DeFi space, is known for its high level of interoperability and high scalability. As of now, Avalanche is renowned across the world as the launchpad of interoperable blockchain networks, innovative financial primitives, and highly decentralized dApps. 


The team of developers at YAY Games is looking forward to integrating the games of the platform into the Avalanche network. Through this integration, the $YAY token will be made available at Avalanche along with the first product of YAY Games, the YAY prediction games. The developers have confirmed that the integration shall not take more than a couple of weeks or so. The partnership with Avalanche shall enable YAY Games to make its platform more cohesive and interconnected. The games of the platform shall be able to create multiple subnets and blockchains, thereby helping to divide specific parts of the in-game economies of YAY Games within the bigger ecosystem. One of the primary goals of the partnership with Avalanche is to build an API for YAY Games for the seamless incorporation of blockchain technology into the conventional games of the platform. The development of an API for YAY Games shall take anywhere between 6 to 9 months, after which the platform will be able to act as a bridge between game developers and blockchain technology. 

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