Yearn Finance Enters Strategic Partnership with Tenderly

According to the announcement on the 2nd of March, yield aggregator Yearn Finance has partnered with Tenderly. Tenderly is a developer platform built on the Ethereum blockchain and provides tools for monitoring and debugging, and development for growing start-ups. Yearn Finance is one of the fast-growing yield optimizers and sends funds through and across blockchains. The platform has received attention for being one of the most secure TVL projects in the entirety of the DeFi sector.

Yearn Finance is basically made of several protocols, often dubbed as the Lego of DeFi. The Ethereum project was launched in 2020 and is expected to allow users to maximize their profit through a process commonly known in finance as Yield Farming. The trading and lending operations are based on the “code is law” concept and involve no intermediaries like banks or corporate firms. The platform offers several products, APY, Vault, Zap and Earn, to optimize the earnings. The versatility got nearly $800 million assets on the platform in the first month itself. The native YPI token comes with multi utilities on the platform and is used for incentivising the deposits. Currently priced well above $21,000, the coin could go as high as $30,000 by the end of 2022, according to this comprehensive Yearn Finance forecast which will tell you why you must look out for the native YPI in the future.

Yearn is also a money lego that does not require authorization. Yearn, in turn, leverages a variety of protocols throughout the DeFi landscape to help produce yield for its users and treasuries, while many different protocols use Yearn to generate yield for their users and treasuries. While being so tightly integrated opens up a lot of doors, it also opens up a lot of risks: as the number of protocol integrations rises, so does the attack surface.

Tenderly is a developing tool built on the Ethereum blockchain that is set to bring solutions to the problems Yearn Finance is Likely to face in its growing business. The formal tie-up comes up after months of testing and feedback from Yearn developers. In these few months, Tenderly showed to be capable of handling the operations on Yearn and also looked highly compatible with the designs. The project henceforth would be used during war rooms and take on the roles like monitoring, debugging, alerting and incident analysis.

Tenderly’s customizable alerts and multi-sig Telegram groups would prove a great addition for alerting. The web3 involvement of the platform would also add to the monitoring protocols. The platform also has its dedicated native debugger, which would prove a great addition to the Yearn Finance arsenal. Furthermore, the foundational infrastructure looks strong and fortified with robust forks and many other features. In return for these developer solutions, Yearn Finance will give the platform a new use case on one of the fastest-growing DeFi projects around the globe.

Trevor Holman

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