YFX incorporates Chainlink Data Streams on Arbitrum mainnet

To provide customers with a higher level of DeFi exposure and promote the Chainlink framework, decentralized perpetual exchange YFX has integrated Chainlink Data Streams on the Arbitrum mainnet.

The company’s initial incorporation occurred using Chainlink Data Streams, which included AVAX, USD, BNB, USD, DOGE, and many others. They focused on Chainlink Data Streams because of the superior quality of data they delivered using the well-established Chainlink framework, which provides unmatched capability and security. 

With YFX V4, which expands upon the existing Perpetual Protocol market, traders and makers have access to the most user-friendly, cost-effective, and lucrative trading platform available. Traders and makers have the option of utilizing 200x in the form of YFX V4. 

After considering multiple services, they incorporated Chainlink Data Streams to support various features like sub-second price resolutions, frontrunning safeguard, decentralized on-chain implementation, and an established framework and DeFi apps. 

Through the association, YFX’s decentralized perpetual exchange will emerge with new-age potential. With data streams becoming active on YFX, users will experience quicker trading. 

To strengthen the verifiable web, Chainlink is the gold standard among decentralized computing systems. Its capacity to connect financial institutions, entrepreneurs, and builders worldwide with real-time data, off-chain processing, and secure cross-chain interoperability across all blockchains has contributed to a transaction value of over $10 trillion. It creates authentic apps and high-ranking markets in banking, international trade, gaming, and other verticals.

On the other hand, YFX established itself as a top decentralized perpetual protocol in 2020. At present, the project is under the joint management of 0xEuler, a representative of the community geeks, and a number of developers affiliated with the technical community.

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