YG Entertainment partners with Karta to power Blackpink The Palace

YG Entertainment and Karta have joined hands to take the power of Blackpink to Roblox. This will enable the fans of K-pop to hold gatherings in the virtual world. Moreover, they will be able to take selfies with the avatars of their favorite band member. At the center will be Blackpink The Palace which will host all the activities for the fans.

Not just selfies, fans will also be able to hold in-game currencies in their digital wallets. Their utility is currently restricted to the virtual world with no intentions expressed for real-world expansion. Fans of Blackpink can venture out to explore the grand throne room. The new experience brought to the community by YG Entertainment and Karta will be hosted by Roblox.

Things have been somewhat unstable for Roblox as the venture is accused of facilitating illegal gambling among minors. As of June 2023, Roblox is on the path of bringing new experiences for users who are aged at least 17 years, standing true to the wide customer base that it has created. Controversies are keeping Roblox busy in lawsuits that are posing a challenge.

What continues to attract other ventures toward it is the image of operating one of the biggest metaverse platforms. Others on the list are Zepeto, Minecraft, and Fortnite.

Blackpink The Palace will be a virtual hub in the digital world for fans to connect with the band and also with each other. Gatherings could help them discover other fans, also probably take a snap with avatars that resemble the band members. The Palace will host activities for fans too, rewards for which are unknown at the moment.

Going by the elements of the announcement, the best guess is that fans will have a great chance to accumulate the in-game currency.

Hyojung Lee, the Head of IPX Division at YG Plus, has said that all of them are looking forward to welcoming players in the virtual world, adding that they could hail from across the world. Calling the palace beautiful, Lee has further stated that Blackpink now officially goes beyond all constraints of space & time.

Lee has also expressed their confidence in surprising the fans with everything that they have to offer them in the virtual world. Avatars will be of Rose, Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa, all of them being members of Blackpink.

The announcement follows Karta raising $1.1 million in a funding round that saw participation of investors from gaming, music, finance, and sports industries. The funding round was led by GameTech Ventures.

Call it a new era for the fans of K-pop, there is a surety that others from the industry will follow the trend. Metaverse has emerged as a way to connect with fans from all over the world and promote the brand in the best possible manner. YG Entertainment and Karta are leveraging the popularity of Blackpink to venture into Roblox with the move most likely to benefit the fans of K-pop and the band.

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