YGG Launches First Pixels Superquest; Its Terra Villa to the Metaverse now

The first-ever Pixels Superquest, Terra Villa, is set to premiere on Yield Guild Games (YGG), marking a revolutionary step in integrating gaming and the metaverse. As YGG pioneers immersive experiences that blur the boundaries between reality and digital realms, this partnership represents a significant turning point in developing decentralized gaming and virtual worlds. With Terra Villa as the backdrop, players go on an unparalleled adventure where they find treasures, fight enemies, and determine the course of a thriving online community.

After a joyous play-to-airdrop campaign in which the community persistently petitioned “WEN $PIXEL,” which resulted in a prosperous token launch, Pixels has welcomed up to 700,000 daily active players. In addition to this expansion, the game’s most significant update, dubbed Chapter 2, added a ton of new gameplay mechanics. It is now implementing YGG’s in-game guild system through Superquests.

YGG’s Superquest takes place in Terra Villa, a thriving metaverse city. With its bustling marketplaces and tall towers, Terra Villa presents players with a vibrant and dynamic setting that they may explore and engage with. Participants discover secrets, form alliances, and set out on daring missions that test their wits and ingenuity as they navigate the city’s streets and discover its hidden nooks. Players leave their imprint on the virtual environment and shape the course of Terra Villa’s story with each step they take.

Players can identify and interpret the clues with the assistance of Player_w3’s videos. Participants must have a YGG account to access the Superquest. All players can register, and obtaining a quest pass is not required. After finishing the missions, players will get 300 reputation points inside Pixels and a soulbound Superquests accomplishment badge.

In addition, a drawing will be held to award three Pixels VIP annual tickets and one YGG Founders’ Coin NFT as the grand prize. Players must have finished all three Pixels Superquest levels and obtained the achievement badge before April 30, 2024, 12:59 p.m. PDT, to be eligible for the draw. On May 1, 2024, YGG and Pixels will reveal four winners on their social media platforms.

Following the game update, the Pixels Superquest will be available to players on March 20, 2024, at 4:00 p.m. PDT.

Beyond exploration and adventure, Pixels Superquest offers players a chance to win prizes and form relationships with other members of the YGG community. YGG is creating new avenues for players to interact with digital content and get compensated for their efforts by fusing features of traditional gaming with virtual worlds and blockchain technology. Pixels Superquest remains a brilliant example of what can be achieved when creativity and ingenuity combine in decentralized gaming, even while the metaverse keeps growing and changing.

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