Yield App onboards six fresh cryptocurrencies

Yield App takes great pleasure in coming out with its declaration of having taken on six fresh cryptocurrencies. They are the Polygon Network (MATIC), as well as Solana (SOL), Polkadot (DOT), Atom (ATOM), Ripple (XRP), and Link (LINK). It will now be possible for users to earn 5% via the Yield App’s Earn Products, along with the option of swapping up to $10,000 amongst the other assets.

According to a Yield App review, the app aims to provide its users with the highest rate of return on their digital assets. Currently, integrating the six cryptocurrencies will provide users with additional revenue opportunities. In the case of ATOM and XRP, a destination designation is required when depositing or withdrawing funds. This will ensure that the deposit matches the account.

In the case of the Polygon Network (MATIC), it is a conventional digital currency belonging to the Polygon Network and is also called the Matic Network. The network is a layer 2 upgrade solution for Ethereum. The network provides a speedy and cost-effective transaction solution. Users can purchase, sell, or hold on to MATIC on the platform. It is possible to make 3% per year on their holdings.

On the part of Solana (SOL), it is a conventional digital currency belonging to the Solana blockchain. It has been created to carry out large volumes of transactions and remain cost-effective. It is possible for users to earn 4% per year on all deposits made.

Polkadot (DOT) belongs to the Polkadot network, which is blockchain-based and offers the option of interoperability amongst various blockchains. The network also ensures communication among each other. Users are paid interest of 5% on deposits yearly.

Link (LINK) belongs to the Chainlink network and is a decentralized Oracle solution that allows smart contracts to be able to interact with outside data sources. Users are able to make 2% a year with regards to deposits.

Atom (ATOM) is the Cosmos network’s digital currency and is interoperable amongst various blockchains in its ecosystem. The earnings for users in the form of interest on deposits are 3% a year. A destination label is a must. 


Ripple (XRP) belongs to the Ripple network and is a blockchain platform that was built to carry out cross-border payments. For the users, there is an offer on their deposits of an interest rate of 3% per year.

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