Yield Guild Games Joins Laguna’s Crypto Unicorns

Laguna Games is getting all equipped to launch its first blockchain game named Crypto Unicorns. Slated for May 2, 2022, the unicorn farming game lands a partnership with Yield Guild Games, with one of the largest NFT sales in the game. As YGG is a pioneer community in the Play-to-Earn projects, Laguna expressed its delight to have them on board as an original partner guild.

The crypto boom of the last two years also affected other emerging areas such as GameFi and NFT. The result is that many mainstream game developers have begun working toward blockchain and NFT adoption. In this line, Laguna Game is all set to launch its first-ever blockchain game on May 2.

Developed as a farming and unicorn collection game, Crypto Unicorns from Laguna is inspired by popular games like Pokémon, Maria, and Zelda. The game offers a range of activities, from unicorn pet collection and farming to racing and jostling. Users can breed up to eight unicorns, and they can use the native tokens to sire their unique unicorns with other players.

Ahead of the launch, Crypto Unicorns received an important partnership from one of the popular guilds in blockchain gaming, Yield Guild Games. The integration was officialized long before during last year’s NFT sale when the Guild purchased 400 Unicorn Eggs and 216 Land NFTs.

The purchased Eggs and Land will be available for community use, and the members can exploit the resources to earn rewards from the game. Head of Partnerships at YGG Sarutobi Sasuke asked the Guild members to look for YGG neighborhoods and join with fellow members for more rewards. These neighborhoods in Crypto Unicorns will boost community engagement and the gameplay experience.

Yield Guild Games is a community effort initiated to bring gamers worldwide to enjoy the benefits of the Play-to-Earn model. They have already invested immensely in NFTs and other assets across GameFi projects to bring a comprehensive experience to their members. According to CEO Aron Beierschmitt from Laguna Games, the integration with a pioneering guild such as YGG will give the needed exposure to this new arrival in GameFi.

Following the primary launch, the developers plan to add more features to the game. The custom experience in Crypto Unicorns allows players access to both non-competitive and player-vs-player games. The PVP features, including racing, jousting, and battles, will reach the game in the subsequent quarters of the year after the launch.

It uses a two-token governance system. The Rainbow Token (RBW) is the governance token used for Unicorn Evolution, breeding, and other features. Moreover, as a community-driven game, users can have a say in governance decisions and treasury management with RBW tokens. Unicorn Milk (UNIM) is the game token used for breeding, crafting, and evolving.

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