Yieldly & Polygon Studios Create New Cross-Chain NFT Esports Marketplace

Yieldy recently joined hands with Polygon Studios to create a new cross-chain NFT Esports marketplace. Known as Yesports, the marketplace offers a wide range of exclusive content and NFTs for video games enthusiasts.

Gamers can expect to see products from popular competitive titles like League of Legends. In addition, announcing a marketplace where esports professionals can launch NFTs will significantly boost the competitive gaming space.

Moreover, it will help esports enthusiasts to collect NFTs that unlock perks, like exclusive merch, community initiatives, and content. Esports, much like NFTs, have grown tremendously in the past few years.

This has opened a wide range of prospects for ventures aiming to merge NFTs with esports. The latest release has helped Yieldly secure a head start over every competitor. With a renowned name like Polygon Studios backing the project, Yesports is certain to be an instant hit.

In addition, Polygon Studios will also assist Yieldly in maintaining a streamlined NFT process with minimal gas fees. The venture also expressed delight about entering the partnership and helping Yieldly merge NFTs and esports.

Yieledly is known for its borderless, interconnected, and seamless DeFi ecosystem on the Algorand network. The venture aims to elevate users to trade digital value without the security risks, cost, or friction experienced in standard blockchains.

Its value proposition includes perks like products related to staking, bridging, and no-loss prizes. Such functionalities pave the path for the upcoming multi-chain verse.

On the other hand, Polygon Studios is known for being the NFT and Gaming arm of Polygon. The division aims to capitalize on the quickly expanding NFT and Blockchain Gaming industry while combining Web 2 and Web 3 gaming.

It achieves such results via marketing, development, and investment support. With such operations, backing Yesports showcases the marketplace’s potential.

Roxanne Williams

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