Yieldly Announces Multi-Chain Liquidity Partnership with Algorand

Algorand’s huge Decentralized Finance universe will expand with the addition of the next essential building block by Yieldly- the foremost Algorand based DeFi cross-chain platform. Yieldly has informed that this building block will comprise four major blockchain Standard assets of Algorand, or ASAs. These are the XFinite or XET asset, Smile Coin Network or SMILE asset, Asia Reserve Currency Coin or ARCC (issued by the International Blockchain Monetary Reserve), and the Opulus or the OPUL asset. Each of these highly specialized projects have been designed keeping specific utilities in mind, and it is expected that the Algorand ecosystem will gain higher liquidity by incorporating these asset pools. Consequently, it will contribute to the infrastructural development of both Yieldly and Algorand. 

Once these multi-asset liquidity pools are launched, Yieldly as well as the Algorand ecosystem will witness a great surge in utility value. Further, the enterprises will be able to harness a larger customer base, thus improving liquidity, and promoting the tokens to a wider community. Henceforth, more projects will get a footing on the Algorand blockchain, promoting Yieldly’s uses. All four assets will now be able to dispense their indigenous tokens among the fifteen thousand members of the Yieldly Decentralised Finance Community, and among the ten million community members of Algorand. They have offered a lucrative opportunity to clients by permitting anybody to have a stake in the asset pools, and to reap huge profits. 

All these liquidity pools will be launched no sooner than the 300 million US dollars fund of Algorand Foundation is presented. According to Algorand coin price prediction, this capital will help boost new innovations in Decentralised Finance, and the influx of liquidity to the Algorand Universe.

The tentative schedule for the launch of each asset pool is as follows:

Opulus: 27 September (EDT)

Smile Coin: 30 September (EDT). 1ST October according to AEST

XFinite: tentatively mid-October



Trevor Holman

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