YoBit Launches Its Virtual Sneaker Project YoStep

About YoBit Exchange

YoBit, established in 2014 in Panama, is a well-known online crypto exchange developed by European crypto enthusiasts and developers. The online digital asset trading platform allows users to trade, buy and sell a wide range of crypto pairs. Currently, it is one of the top 10 crypto exchanges in the world in terms of liquidity, the number of users, and daily trade volume. The crypto exchange is mostly known for offering an extensive list of over 500 cryptocurrencies and 3900+ currency pairs. 

YoBit User Interface

In addition to this, users can trade without any KYC verification. This means anyone can trade with YoBit anonymously. The exchange offers many trading features and functions, including VMining, RoboTrade, YoPony games, and the YoBit DeFi platform. The platform also conducts several giveaways, staking, IEO, and airdrops, providing several tools to its users to earn additional money.

YoBit’s YoStep Launch

Numerous Move2Earn projects were launched in 2022 that have made a tremendous noise, attracting the attention of many crypto enthusiasts. Various tokens from Move2Earn projects have shown substantial growth, and the prices for digital sneakers have been rising. YoBit, an old Panama crypto exchange, has joined this sensational trend and launched its first digital sneaker project, YoStep.

The Essence and Advantages of YoStep

The essence of YoStep lies in the YBit platform’s virtual sneakers and the low entry threshold. The exchange platform allows users to purchase and earn daily rewards in YoStep tokens. All users need to do is perform simple actions on the platform daily, which involves playing the YoStep dice game for a minimum of 10 rounds. The game is easy to understand, and users can use any token to play the game. 

There is no need to walk, run or perform any activities now; only purchasing sneakers and getting them repaired with the YO exchange tokens is all that matters. The exchange will soon launch various other activities via its web interface or Telegram bots, but as of now, YoStep is the real deal that can allow users to earn passive income. 


Another key advantage of YoStep is the low entry threshold which is a great advantage, especially for beginners, as the projects are made accessible only at 10 USDT.

Rules of YoStep

The rules of YoStep are based on the YoBit exchange:– 

  • Every user gets rewarded for purchasing sneakers twice a day. 
  • There are purchase limits involving 20 sneakers for every user and 40 for YO token holders. 
  • The number of sneakers is limited; it refills in small amounts every hour between 12 and 22. 
  • After purchasing the sneakers, the funds are sent to the buying fund to buy Yo tokens and to pay for the referrals (80%+10%+10%)
  • Funds from the buying fund are spent in the following way – 20% is immediately spent in the DeFi Pool in YoStep/USDT after the purchase, and 2% is spent in YoStep/USDT for 30 days.
  • Users must have at least 10 dice games twice daily for successful payment in YoStep.
  • Every month repairs will be needed, and the repair will be done in Yo tokens, costing about 5%. 
  • All referral owners will get 10% of the sneaker’s cost. 
  • Users can upgrade their sneakers with YoStep. However, This is not yet available on the platform.

YoBit Balances

YoStep Guide

YoBit allows users to register and create an account without any KYC requirements and with full anonymity. Anyone can register with YoBit by following the steps mentioned here:–

  • Visit the YoBit official website and navigate to the Register button to create an account and submit personal details like username, email address, and a strong password. 
  • In the next step, activate the account by confirming and verifying the email address. 
  • An activation link will be sent to the registered email ID. Click on the link and enable two-factor authentication for the account. 
  • After this, users can deposit funds into their accounts. 
  • To make a deposit, go to Wallet and select a choice of currency to deposit. 
  • Enter the amount to be deposited. 
  • Click on + under Deposit and choose a preferred payment method depending on the chosen currency. 

YoBit Deposit Procedure

  • Enter the amount to be deposited and click the Deposit button. 
  • Once the required amount of deposits has been made, users can start trading on YoBit.

To place trade orders, navigate to the Trade button on the top menu, choose the currency to buy or sell, and place the order. Enter the transaction details, including the number of coins to be bought and the price at which the trade order will be executed. Lastly, complete the trade by clicking on the Buy/Sell button. To activate the Dice on the YoBit exchange, users must deposit any amount of Bitcoin, starting from 0.001 BTC.

Although YoBit is categorized as an exchange platform suitable for experienced and professional investors, it has an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. It is an all-in-one crypto trading solution where traders can access various crypto markets along with a wide variety of account management tools and trading features. 

When it comes to user interface and functionality, the exchange may seem to be intimidating. Still, the platform becomes easy to use and intuitive, supporting high-speed trade execution. The dashboard offered by YoBit is useful in receiving the necessary information required while making trade decisions and managing trade accounts.

YoStep Users and Influencers Reviews

YoStep is an exciting platform that has received warm reviews from the platform’s users and influencers around the world. The low entry barrier, the benefit of being launched by the popular exchange, and above-par yields are some of the bigger reasons for joining the move-to-earn exchange and help the platform gain traction. The creators and influencers have decided to tap into the growing sector’s fitness gamification.


Because of this, YoStep has become one of the early portals that reward its influencers and users for posting their activities. YoStep has captured great attention in the crypto community. The industry influencers and reviewers have ranked the project as one of the best crypto platforms to implement the most innovative initiative for all token holders.


YoBit has recently launched its sensational virtual sneaker YoStep project, a crypto platform allowing users to purchase virtual sneakers and earn daily rewards. It is a great initiative, especially for beginners, as YoStep has a very low entry threshold and the minimum cost of virtual sneakers is just 10 USDT. Users can buy and repair sneakers with their Yo tokens, and soon the platform will introduce various other activities to benefit the token holders.

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