YOLOrekt Launches on Polygon Network to Earn YOLO Rewards and Game Fees

While the cryptocurrency sector tries to stabilize, ventures like Polygon keeps the industry afloat. Now the network has joined hands with YOLOrekt, the esteemed prediction platform for stocks, cryptos, etc. The integration will allow gamers to gain in-game liquidity, earning YOLO rewards and game fees.

YOLOrekt allows users to make short-term predictions regarding popular cryptos like Ethereum, Bitcoin, GameStop, TSLA, and more to earn rewards. The entire game-bet cycle comprises three stages spanning over three minutes:

  • The first stage is Strike Price discovery that covers 30 seconds.
  • The second stage is Placing Bets that spans 60 seconds.
  • The final stage is Wait-n-see that amounts to 90 seconds of the total time.

After the cycles are wrapped up, the prediction is finalized, and the betting pool is spread across the winners.

YOLOrekt choosing Polygon seems like a natural move, given the network’s quick transaction procession and low transaction fees. Such functionalities immensely add to the value proposition when it comes to trade profitability and user experience.

YOLO is also issuing its token on two platforms at once, marking the first of its kind in crypto history. Both Ethereum and Polygon will get the YOLO token, and the issuance is called synced token dual-issuance.

The past few weeks have highlighted Polygon’s usability to the entire industry and it has also affected positively in terms of its price. To know more about future price changes of Polygon coin, visit future predictions for Polygon. As a result, numerous projects are already trusting the network to support their apps and platforms. With YOLOrekt joining its portfolio, Polygon will certainly rise the ranks for popularity and reliability. Similarly, its esteemed proceedings will help YOLOrekt establish its market prestige.

About Polygon

Polygon is a structured platform for ETH development and scaling. It uses Polygon SDK, a flexible, modular framework, to connect and build standalone chains. With over 350 million transactions, 13.5 million users, and 450+ DeFi apps, Polygon is currently one of the most popular networks on the web. 

About YOLOrekt

YOLOrekt is an emerging short-term prediction platform for stocks, cryptocurrencies, and more. It is a fun and social way to predict an asset’s future and bid on it. In addition, it provides games with in-game liquidity to earn YOLO rewards and game fees. The platform is ready to launch its native token on both Ethereum and Polygon. 

Overall, Polygon continues supporting promising ventures, and YOLOrekt is the latest example of its support. In addition, the crypto and stock prediction platform are now live on the Polygon network, allowing gamers to earn YOLO rewards and game fees. 


YOLO is also issuing its token on Polygon and Ethereum, showing its trust in the network. The community expects the integration to be a massive hit, seeing the value proposition offered by the involved parties.

Trevor Holman

Trevor Holman follows crypto industry since 2011. He joined CryptoNewsZ as a news writer and he provides technical analysis pieces and current market data. He is also an avid trader. In his free time, he loves to explore unexplored places.

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