YooShi Launches MEME DeFi Token

The fair launched and community-driven MEME token recently launched by YooShi seems to be both entertaining and profitable. The launch has been unique because it was 100% fair with no presale and no allocation of teams, and therefore no one owns a contract key of the MEME token. If you are hearing about YooShi for the first time, you should know that YooShi is a fair launched token of the DeFi universe. It operates on the Binance Smart Chain by functioning three simple operations, including Manual Burn, LP Acquisition, and Static Rewards.

Equipped with the advanced burning mechanism, the YooShi token is known for being vested with a range of impressive features. By combining the innovative Auto-Liquidity feature and NFTs with the burning mechanism of the tokens, the liquidity of YooShi shall surge rapidly. The total supply of YooShi tokens currently in circulation shall also be cut exponentially to contribute to the rise in liquidity. A significant feature of YooShi is that it is more decentralized than most other tokens, and that makes YooShi a powerhouse token for the community of users.

In the metaverse of YooShi, the innovation of NFT Yield Farming permits the users to employ their NFT collections in DeFi Yield Farming for the increment in the value of the precious NFT collections. Right before the launch of the MEME token by YooShi, it was reported that Dev burned through every token in the Dev Wallet. The token’s launch on PancakeSwap led to LP generation for all trades that got latched on to the PancakeSwap. This process is driven by the Black Hole Algorithm that locks the liquidity on PancakeSwap, leading to the contract ownership transfer to the burn address.

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