You will not regret buying Big Eyes Coin, Even if you hold Bitcoin and Aptos

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency based on market cap, has, since its creation by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, broken barriers, leading to the creation of the crypto market we have today. Bitcoin opened the doors to DeFi, while Ethereum projected this vision for the world to see these possibilities in the most real sense.

Big Eyes Coin

Bitcoin (BTC)

Since its creation, Bitcoin has had ups and downs but has, regardless, offered a better ROI than many investable assets in the finance world. Bitcoin’s ups could be seen in bull seasons when there are high buy/greed sentiments, and its downs—when there is a high sell/fear sentiment.

Bitcoin, in 2022, dumped more than 65% of its all-time high, which it accumulated at its peak in 2021. The 2023 years have been speculated to change this narrative—one of the reasons institutions are stacking up huge Bitcoin holdings.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Aptos (APT)

Another cryptocurrency that has been very controversial in the market lately is Aptos (APT). Although investors and traders patiently wait to understand Aptos’s market structure, there has been speculatively-driven sentiment around this market. Another determinant of Aptos’ market is the high interest of venture capitalists and big establishments like Meta.

Despite all of these, analysts who have closely followed Big Eyes Coin say there will be no regrets if you eventually buy Big Eyes Coins. And some of their reasons are as follows.

Big Eyes is building a huge and solid community

Big Eyes is building a huge and solid community

Big Eyes, the parent ecosystem behind Big Eyes Coin, has been massively growing its crypto community through the private sale of its native token. The role of a crypto community cannot be emphasized enough. The community is the pivot of every DeFi or crypto project and will continually remain DeFi’s bedrock.

The community has been phenomenal in making many crypto projects, especially meme cryptocurrencies, what they are today. Case studies such as Shiba Inu and Dogecoin have made it to the top 10 and top 20 lists because of their huge followings and communities.


Big Eyes’ community is growing faster than many have predicted as it sets out to become the biggest cat-themed meme token in the market.

Big Eyes Coin is powering DeFi services

Unlike many cryptocurrency projects, Big Eyes Coin will power utilities to increase its worth in the market. There will be inflationary and deflationary regulation protocols to ensure Big Eyes Coin’s worth continually grows in the market.

Investors and traders are keen on how much they will accumulate from the project—and Big Eyes is building an ecosystem to ensure this becomes a reality.

Big Eyes Coin could supercharge upon launch

Asides from being the people’s cat-coin, Big Eyes Coin is on track to supercharging in the market upon public launch. Big Eyes Coin’s presale success is a good checking point for what will become of the meme cryptocurrency when it fully launches and integrates products and services in its roadmap.

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