Yuga Labs deliver its NFT-gated game Dookey Dash

Yuga Labs has delivered its NFT-gated endless runner game Dookey Dash. Within no time at all, it has successfully managed to register over the amount of $35.7 million in terms of the trading volume. In the first week itself, all of the connected players happened to have carried out trading of the Sewer Pass NFTs, thus making provision for having access to the game a good 9,601 times. 

Yuga Labs, on its own, happened to have released 21,791 Sewer Passes for all of its BAYC, MAYC, and along with that, BAKC holders. These very Sewer Passes provide the opportunity for players to get connected to a simple yet greatly skillful endless runner game. In turn, this will be instrumental in opening the doors for fresh NFT drops in the coming time. As of the present moment, there happens to be an immense want for the Yuga labs NFTs, as has been observed. 

The lowest-costing Sewer Pass NFTs mentioned on just about any marketplace will have a pricing of 1.89 ETH, or in other words, more than the figure of $3,000. Within the past day itself, around 447 of the passes have switched wallets. It once again proves the tremendous demand for Sewer Passes which conveniently connect with an endless runner game.

The Dookey Dash game happens to be the first in the line of a series of skill-based minting. As a part of the overall game plan, there is to be another compulsory mini-game. This, in turn, will see a combination with a Bored Ape Kennel Club NFT, or else there will be the possibility of a third game. They are all to be boosted by ApeCoin, which happens to be the conventional currency where the Bored Ape ecosystem is concerned.  

In the case of the community as a whole, they will have the opportunity of engaging with the game Dookey Dash, starting from the 18th of January till the 8th of February, 2023. Following that period, the game will be duly shut down, along with the noted scores on the Sewer Passes being halted. In this very case scenario, it will be the number one player who will be in the position of obtaining a key, with all of the others being able to participate in The Summoning on the 15th of February, 2023. 

Yuga Labs has carried out the task of airdropping The Sewer pass to all of the holders of a Bored Ape Yacht Club or to the Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT. Based on which of the two the players hold, they get an added thrust. However, at the present moment, the Sewer Pass entry fee happens to be $3,000. This happens to be the least costly in terms of the Yuga Labs ecosystem. In actuality, the intention was not for Dookey Dash to be a game for the public but in the form of a gamified minting exposure. 

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