Yuga Labs takes over Roar Studios

Yuga Labs came out with its official announcement that it has gone ahead and acquired Roar Studios. The company is into gaming as well as social media and the metaverse. For this, it utilizes AI and high-level technology. Roar studios are known to have developed ROAR, which is an all-inclusive media exposure wherein it becomes possible for artists and enthusiasts to engage, as well as take part in real-world competitions from any part of the globe.

In the current situation, Yuga Labs will have access to the expertise that comes with Roar Studios, along with the absolute new-age technology. This will be in tune with their aspirations regarding Otherside. As per the agreement, the Founder and CEO of Roar Studios, Eric Reid, will be positioned as the General manager of Otherside and will be answerable to Mike Seavers, who is the Chief Technology Officer.

ROAR is an amalgamation of high-end technology, having verified MMO game and platform methods for coming out with a unique product segment. This consists of semi-autonomous music and a high degree of entertainment quotient. In the case of Otherside, which is being developed by Yuga Labs, it is an interoperable metaverse that will witness the contribution in terms of technology from the Roar Studios team members. 

According to the CEO of Yuga Labs, Daniel Alegre, Roar Studios has taken media content to another level altogether. In his opinion, Yuga’s North Star is changing the way interactions are carried out, and the inclusion of the Roar team will be a welcome move.

As per the Founder and CEO of Roar Studios, Eric Reid, their aim is to ensure players have the satisfaction of being able to build and be part of a community. For him, it will be an extreme pleasure to associate with the Yuga team and together make their contributions towards providing an all-inclusive experience for players. 

In the case of Yuga Labs, it is a Web3 company that is contributing to the future of content and community. The team does not agree with the fact that there should be any limitations to the imagination, and they work keeping that in mind.

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