Yuga Labs tests its Bored Apes-themed Otherside Metaverse

Yuga Labs begins testing its Bored Apes-themed Otherside Metaverse, designed for players to choose their own fun, in the sense that players must regulate their own exposures. This was done to the advantage of a few NFT owners. A variety of responses were received from the users. The product is still in its early stages.

A user drew attention to the fact that the exposure associated with Otherside amounted to more of a proof of concept than the actual investment of time and money. Certain individuals found it to be above and beyond their expectations. In their opinion, all portions of the APES COME HOME exposure were positive, and their children enjoyed it as well. Due to the imagery, the effect was surreal.

A week after an executive transition at Yuga Labs, Otherside Metaverse was introduced; former Activision executive Daniel Alegra was succeeded as the organization’s CEO by Greg Solano. Despite all obstacles, the price of Apes has risen to its current level of 21.99 ETH, which is approximately $74,449 USD.

Pavel Durov, the chief executive officer of Telegram, disclosed that the owners of channels on the platform will be eligible to receive monetary compensation for their efforts.

The Telegram Ad Platform is expected to launch in a number of countries, appealing to marketers. The channel owners will earn 50% of the total revenue produced by Telegram from the placement of adverts on their channels.

Dhruv further stated that the TON blockchain would be exclusively employed to verify payments intended for advertising purposes, while withdrawals would be processed promptly and securely. Since then, the price of toncoin, the standard token of the TON blockchain, has increased by approximately 30% and is currently trading at $2.70.

The market valuation of dog-themed coins increased by 30%, reaching more than $30 billion.

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