Yuliverse and Polyhedra Network join hands

Yuliverse has announced its partnership with Polyhedra Network. The objective of the partnership is to architect lifestyle gameplay on a multi-chain ecosystem in assistance with zkBridge. Polyhedra Network brings to the table its capability of being an infrastructure that provides Web3 interoperability.

The announcement is expected to be followed by a couple of campaigns that, per the announcement, will be launched in the days to come. Yuliverse has confirmed the same in the tweet published for the community. Yuliverse currently lives on two of the most famous mobile operating systems – Android and iOS.

It is backed by Animoca Ventures, LIF Capital, and Cyberport, among other investors.

One campaign has been launched by Yuliverse in association with Yolofox Game. The promotion intends to give a badge to participants of the contest. All they have to do is follow both brands on X, formerly Twitter, join their Discord channels, complete pre-registration on the official website of Yolofox, and like plus retweet details about the main event.

It is not yet clear if everyone will be selected for the reward or if only select participants will be picked for the reward. Nevertheless, the community is excited to engage with Yuliverse’s promotion. The Co-Branded Medal Collection Campaign goes live on August 14, 2023, at 16:00 (UTC+8). It will conclude on August 17, 2023, at 16:00 (UTC+8).

This is not the first partnership for Yuliverse. It has previously joined hands with Meta Era to co-host HK Crypto Finance Summer Forum. The event is scheduled to happen on August 25, 2023, at the University of Hong Kong.

The same can be said about Polyhedra Network, highlighting that this is not its first partnership. The Network has previously worked with Element NFT Marketplace. The goal was to empower the ecosystem of non-fungible tokens to make sure that the community has larger possibilities for the trading of digital assets, that is, NFTs.

Polyhedra Network has earlier teased zkBridge as an important element, adding that it will help Element NFT Marketplace to introduce better security and efficiency via cross-chain interoperability.

Having said that, it is obvious that both – Yuliverse & Polyhedra Network – come from distinct backgrounds and different experiences in partnership. Joining hands together only takes that forward, allowing them to leverage everything that they have gained in the past.

A simple development in the metaverse comes in handy for other ventures. Yuliverse and Polyhedra Network have asked the community to stay tuned as more campaigns are under the pipeline. Meaning the community will get more chances to engage with the development and learn what else they benefit from this.

Yuliverse is simultaneously taking forward its partnership with Cradles, a dynamic MMORPG. It brings together the thrill of PvP and PvE battles while making sure that engaging adventures are always there for players. Rewards and treasures wait for their reach.

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