ZB.com Unveils the Second Project of UP Program- Filenet

Shining as the most prestigious gem of the ZB Group, ZB.com, which serves as a leading digital asset exchange platform, has broadcasted the news about the purchase channel of the second phase of its highly anticipated UP program, Filenet. The project will be accessible for purchase at $500,000 USD, which is half the original cost, at 14:00 on October 20, 2019. The platform also announced that the VIP members would be authorized to enjoy a higher subscription apportionment.

UP works as a top-notch higher version of the crypto exchange platform’s LaunchPad and is aligned with a lucrative half-price purchase channel for digitalized securities. The first venture project of UP was LVN token, which was helmed by LivenPay, an Australia-based restaurant payment solution. The platform offered LVN tokens worth 1 million US dollars. Interestingly, within a span of 4 hours, the actual subscription was completed. There was nearly a surge of 200% in the final subscription amount.

Filenet serves as an incentive channel built on IPFS, which is dedicated to incentivizing miners for lending their storage as well as network resources. It also works as a token that operates on a distribution proof pedagogy and an IPFS-based super cloud solution that aids in sharing of content, storing and disbursement of crucial data, etc.

The project was the brainchild of the IPFS community and was unveiled in October 2017. It was led by the leading venture capital firm, Valiant Capital.  Filenet collaborated with IPFS protocol to curate a decentralized strategic data distribution framework and construct a business closed loop. At the first stance, via tokens to rewards, the crypto miners share their native storage and network resources. Secondly, they foster a decentralized data service solution for the DApps.

The 5 Strategies For Participating In The Filenet Subscription on UP:

  1. Account Opening

A person can visit the official website of ZB.com or can download the official app to register on the platform. It is necessary to clear the KYC authentication to enjoy trading. UP subscription process is likely to take place simultaneously on ZB.com’s official website and App.

  1. The Purchase Alarm Reminder

The subscription process will begin from 14:00 Hong Kong time on October 20, 2019, and will end at 18:00 on the same day. Once the subscription is done successfully, Fn token will be issued as per the UP activity mechanism. The withdrawal facility will be activated immediately.

  1. Advance Storage of ZB Token

One can purchase Fn half-price subscription-only via ZB token, and so it becomes crucial to keep the ZB tokens in advance. ZB token is presently tradable on an array of platforms, including ZB.com, BW.com, ZBG.com, and Bitfinex.

  1. UP subscription Level Terms

For ordinary investors, the UP subscription limit is only 100ZB. The higher a person climbs up in the VIP level, the more the amount he can avail.

  1. Keep Track of the Start Time

After the completion of the Fn subscription activity on October 20, 2019, ZB.com will launch Fn/USDT pair in the Advanced Market and Fn/QC pair in the Spot trading market. The asset prices can fluctuate substantially during the opening span, and so it becomes important to keep an eye on the market movement.

For more information, look at our ZB.com Review for all the necessary details.

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