ZBD & Beamable launch starter kit for small game creators

Zebedee, in partnership with Beamable, introduces the ZBD Beamable starter kit, which integrates Bitcoin transactions into the Web3 gaming space, to the benefit of small and casual game developers. The ZBD Beamable starter kit is the result of Zebedee’s ongoing partnership with Beamable; it features a plug-and-play API that grants users the opportunity to earn Bitcoins while they play. The kit is distinguished by the safety features that are included.

Small developers looking to add Bitcoin rewards can use the ZBD starter kit. It eliminates the need for a dedicated server or, alternatively, a division responsible for operating the systems. This facilitates the process of integrating server-side functions, thereby offering developers a more streamlined experience. The subsequent phase of the collaboration will involve further refining the integration of Bitcoin incentives into the mobile gaming industry. The inaugural mobile application integrating Bitcoin, developed utilizing the starter kit, is scheduled for distribution in November.

Christian Moss, co-founder and director of gaming, asserts that eliminating a few logics between the game and the game server is essential for developing a secure game. Nevertheless, the majority of developers lack the necessary resources to create and maintain a game server. Beamable provides them with comparable functionalities without the need for a server.

The new-age technology of ZBD sparks off lightning network transactions, which have been most successful. Web3 games such as Ludo Zenith witnessed an 82% rise in ARPDAU. At the same time, Bitcoin Miner observed a ten-fold increase in its day 30 user retention average.

A short while back, ZBD collaborated with AdlnMo to shift Bitcoin rewards to Web3 games via InGamePlay ads, revolutionizing player involvement and the sharing of revenue.

While the gaming space keeps changing, the association between ZBD and Beamable will be offering tools and other required resources, particularly catering to smaller developers. The ZBD Beamable starter kit will be responsible for introducing the next phase of gaming by adopting blockchain incorporation and harnessing Bitcoin transactions in Webe gaming exposure.

In the words of the CEO of Beamable, Jon Radoff, their goal has been to remove the obstacles for developers and lessen the cost for their benefit. This is in the case of adding complicated and safe server-side Bitcoin features. The association with ZBD makes in-game transactions absolutely safe and convenient to carry out.

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