Zcash Community Discloses Fake Version of Zecwallet; Leaves the Crypto Market With Another Potential Scam

With the evolution of the cryptocurrency domain in the current era, there has also been a rise in frauds, thefts, and other illegitimate activities in the digital currencies niche.

Recently, the owners of popular crypto coin Zcash were taken a blow by the news of the discovery of a corrupt and malevolent pseudo version of ZecWallet, the native product of Zcash Foundation. The fake wallet was tracked down by the Zcash community, who also warned the users against the same.

The news came into light on October 20, 2019, through a Twitter post which was also retweeted by the official handle of Electric Coin Company, the proud Zcash curator.

In the past, a bug was discovered in the Zcash implementations and in a major portion of its forks. This had put the metadata containing the full nodes along with protected IP addresses, at the risk of getting leaked.

On October 18, 2019, leading antivirus software providing platform, ESET broke the news of a “trojanized” version of the Tor browser. The main aim of this deceitful application was to conduct the theft of Bitcoin from the owners in the darknet.

The destructive counterfeit version of the Tor Browser was designed to bring havoc in the Russian marketspace. It was injected into the system through two websites and has been involved in the theft of crypto assets from the darknet investors since 2017 by replacing the real crypto addresses.

In the same month, ESET also unveiled another malware named “Casbaneiro” or “Metamorfo.” These malicious programs were designed by the attackers with an intention to attack the banks and crypto services in Brazil and Mexico. Apparently, to date, the trojan has stolen a whopping sum of 1.2 BTC from the market.

Scott Cook

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