Zcash Price Analysis: A New Network Upgrade Will Strengthen the Security of the ZEC

Recently, a new NU3 network upgrade took place in Zcash. It is the first Zcash network upgrade and is seen as the follow-up to the Network Upgrade Pipeline with established ZIP editorship. ECC and Zcash Foundation employees share the pipeline.

Zcash to USD Price Current Statistics:

Zcash Price Chart - 21 June
Zcash Price Chart
  • On June 21, at UTC 10:59, ZEC vs. USD was trading around 111.91 USD.
  • At the same time, the market cap of the altcoin was 759,983,919 USD.
  • Along with that, there were a total of 6,801,756 ZEC were in circulation.
  • With a Return of Investment of 97.40% (in the negative), Zcash is ranked at 22nd place in the crypto chart.
  • Additionally, ZEC vs. BTC was valued around 0.01132152 BTC.
  • Currently, the 24-hrs trading volume in Zcash (ZEC) was 442,981,099 USD.

ZEC to USD Price Comparison:

25-days back, on May 28, Zcash (ZEC) was trading at 84.88 USD. From there, the coin has grown by a thumping amount, and today, it is trading with a hike of almost 31.84%. Again, in the weekly trading chart, the crypto has shown a strengthening of 22.64%, from the market price of 90.92 USD on June 14. However, in the previous day trading, the coin has gone down by 1.56 USD. Yesterday, Zcash (ZEC) opened the intraday trading at 111.00 USD, and with a dip of 1.40%, it wrapped the day up at 109.44 USD

Zcash Price Prediction:

Although in the last two days, there has been a little bit of breakdown in the bull run of Zcash, today seems to be a good trading day. At the time of writing, the altcoin is trading in an upward trend. Additionally, if the similar trends persist for next few weeks, we would have to revise our long-term ZEC Prediction, for the expected price of the digital coin by the end of the year, from $150 to $200.



The first network update of Zcash will provide an additional level of security tightening and anonymity to the users. Looking at the current scenario, Zcash is one of the best cryptos to invest in to, for a huge return in the long as well as medium term.

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