Zcash Price Gets Drenched in Blood Due to the Market Pressure

The market is currently under huge selling pressure. The same has caused the heavy fall in the price of the altcoins. Zcash is among the few coins, which are getting widely affected by the downtrend in the market.

We are speculating that the selling pressure would soon leave and we would have the flourishing days again. The intraday traders might not be having a good day, but in the future, they would book huge profits. The coin holds a high possibility of upsurge.

Zcash Intraday Price Analysis:

The data feed is taken from Trading View on September 19, 2019, at 10:50:16 UTC for price analysis.

Zcash Price
Zcash Chart By TradingView

Yesterday, the coin opened with an escalation. The visible jump occurred when price changed from $51 to $52 by 2.63%. The price immediately shifted to $50.30 by 3.1%. The recovery in the price took it to $53.50 by 6.37%. The intraday escalation in Zcash was of 3.90% as it closed the day at $52.87. Today, the opening hours shifted the price from $52.87 to $48.55 by 8.21%. ZEC is seen hovering around $49. The rest of the day is speculated to remain same.

According to the ZCash Forecast and market experts, the market is speculated to embark the price rally soon. Zcash (ZEC) would also be seen hitting huge counters in the market. The future holds a better time for Zcash. Hence, if the traders are picking Zcash, then their investment wouldn’t go futile.

The best-suited investment for ZEC is long term investment. The same would bring colossal profit to the traders.

Mehak Punjabi

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