Zcash (ZEC) Price Prediction: After The New Zebra Update, The Altcoin Is On High Fly

  • Parity Tech recently released the Zebra software client in collaboration with the Zcash Foundation.
  • Zcash’s partnership with Rustic Bison iOS wallet has been discontinued.
  • From now onwards, Zcash foundation will release its the code and UI assets under the MIT license.

ZEC Current Statistics:

  • On June 20, at UTC 10:04, Zcash price (Zcash to USD) was trading around 108.14
  • At the same time, the market cap of the altcoin was 733,713,214 USD.
  • Along with that, there were a total of 6,794,206 ZEC chips in circulation.
  • With a return of investment of -97.48%, Zcash is ranked at 22nd place in the crypto market.
  • Additionally, the ZEC price (BTC) is valued around 0.01132152 BTC per ZEC.
  • Currently, the 24-hrs trading volume in Zcash (ZEC to USD) was 320,044,035 USD.

Zcash Chart Comparison:

Zcah price chart - june 20

25-days back, on May 27, Zcash was trading at 82.82 USD. From there, the coin has grown by a thumping amount, and today, and it is trading with a hike of almost 30.57%. Again, in the weekly trading period, the crypto has shown a strengthening of 23.27%, from the market price of 87.81 USD on June 13. However, on the previous trading day, the coin has plunged by 1.25 USD. Yesterday, Zcash opened the trading at 112.15 USD, and with a dip of 1.11%, it wrapped the day up at 110.90 USD.

Zcash Price Prediction:

As per our speculation, Zcash might trade around 108 USD to 112 USD by the end of the year. For now, the resistance levels for the coin are at $115.2366, 119.5733 USD and 123.567 USD. At the same time, the support levels for the coin are at 106.9066 USD, 102.9133 USD, and 99.27 USD.


With the new MIT license, the investors will have more assurance regarding the security of Zcash. Although there is a slight slowdown in the market, Zcash (ZEC) is still trading above the three-digit mark, and it is a good sign for the altcoin. Based on our Zcash forecast, the currency will continue its price rally and overall growth of ecosystem amidst network upgrade. The positive sentiment is added by the Zcash Conference, that is going to happen between 22nd and 24th of June.

Mehak Punjabi

Mehak Punjabi is a post graduate in MBA with specialization in Finance and has joined CryptonewsZ with a skill building view in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. She is dynamic and a quick learner with a hold on financial analysis.

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