Zebec to Secure Automated Dollar-Cost Averaging Through Chainlink Price Feeds

Zebec announced that it would be integrating Chainlink Price Feeds. Zebec is a settlement protocol that is based on Solana. Through the successful integration of Chainlink Price Feeds, Zebec aims to provide high-quality price reference data to the Automated Dollar-Cost Averaging function.

The integration enables Zebec to gain access to the marker data that is not just tamper-proof but also high-speed in nature. This will allow Zebec to extract the prices of Cryptocurrencies. The Automated Dollar-Cost Averaging function will then help users to invest their money in the digital assets in a secured manner.


Zebec is a Decentralized Finance technology that has focused on bringing revolution since its inception. The technology works in the direction of empowering frictionless, real-time, and continuous streams of payments. This allows everyone – employees, businesses, & consumers – to explore more ways to settle or receive the payment. The same can be deployed for products and services.

Chainlink enters the picture because of its experience and lead in selling the oracle services. Chainlink has managed to establish itself as the industry standard, yet to be matched by competitors, in the market across the globe—the oracle services of Chainlink power the hybrid smart contracts on every blockchain.

Zebec x Chainlink

The news was broken by Zebec through its official blog post. Zebec expressed its excitement while announcing that the company was to integrate Chainlink Price Feeds.

Zebec chose Chainlink because of its seamless infrastructure that has been time-tested in production. Once integrated, Zebec will gain access to market data that will help its users to invest their money securely.

These investments will be boosted by Zebec’s Automated Dollar-Cost Averaging feature. Chainlink already has experience in securing DeFi protocols. This is expected to be more useful after the integration.

DeFi protocols of Chainlink are engaged in securing billions of dollars in smart contract value while maintaining high availability and robust security during tough times. These include flash crashes, exchange downtime, and data manipulation through flash loan attacks.

Zebec took this opportunity to announce two more initiatives, namely Zebec Payroll and Zebec Safe.

Zebec Payroll is the composable transfer of value, and Zebec Safe is a customizable multi-sig that will enable secure treasury management. Zebec Safe will be based on Solana.

The blog post added that the company was not just money streaming as it has also got yield farming, automated DCAs, and a zero-fee fiat on/off-ramp in the making.

Chainlink is the perfect partner for Zebec at the moment due to the list of features that it brings to the table. Some of the features include secure node operators, high-quality data, decentralized network, and reputation system.

The Chainlink Price Feeds are secured by nodes that are independent, Sybi-resistant, and security-reviewed. Since it secures the data from various sources, there is no doubt about the quality of data that it offers to its clients.

It has strong protection when it comes to downtime and tampering of data. This is complemented by Chainlink’s reputation in the market of having a robust reputation framework.

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