ZED RUN announces details for May 15 – 21, 2023

ZED RUN has come up with the schedule for the tournament starting May 15, 2023, and ending on May 21, 2023. Per the announcement, there is definitely a reward for every racehorse profile and stable owner. Even though there is a prize pool and weekly competitions, players may want to play every day as if that is the qualifying event.

There are a total of five categories, with fees changing every day from high to low. Here is a table that compiles details shared by ZED RUN.





Breed 3.0 only 12 racehorse paid events

Top 6 events


6 racehorse paid events

Top 2 events


12 racehorse paid events

Double up events


2 racehorse paid events

WTA events


6 racehorse free events

Free events

Kindly note that Breed 3.0 only 12 racehorse paid events are likely to be replaced by Level 501-550 Top Class 6. Class 1, however, will continue to have a separate option for level-based conditionals for normal racing.

Players can alternatively aim for the weekly tournament at ZED RUN. Prizes up for grabs are WETH and XP. The final distances are:

  • 1200m
  • 1800m
  • 2400m

Daily Tournament only features XP as a reward, with final distances rotating each day by format. In addition to the weekly tournament, all paid tournaments make it to the list of daily tournaments. There will be no modification to the structure and format of the contest. Details about how to get started at the platform can be read in our ZED RUN beginner’s guide. It sheds light on how one can own, race, and earn from the stable during the gameplay.

The entry fee stake schedule at ZED RUN is as follows:

Title Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Breed 3.0 Top 6

Low Low Medium Medium High High


Top 2

High High High Medium Medium Low


Double Up

High High Medium Low Medium High



Low Medium High High High Medium


Multiplier guide rolls out that low stakes will earn 10x while medium stakes and high stakes will fetch 150x and 200x, respectively.

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