ZED RUN introduces a charged stamina for every racehorse

In a move that ZED RUN really needed to make, the team behind the platform has announced the launch of Improve Stamina. This will give every racehorse in the virtual ecosystem a fully charged stamina bar. Holders or creators of a digital racehorse, or multiple digital racehorses, will have a better chance of competing in the events and earning rewards.

Developed by Virtually Human Studio, also known as VHS, ZED RUN is an NFT project that was launched in January 2019. The objective was to create an immersive experience by enabling the users to purchase, breed, and race their racehorses. Meanwhile, VHS remains responsible for organizing virtual events, handling the population of digital racehorses, and scheduling different competitions.

The community can access all the features to enhance their experience. Improved Stamina is one of the recent examples. Racehorses are represented by non-fungible tokens, giving them a unique identity every time they are created. Meaning, not all horses are destined to win, but they may be destined to be studs in the ecosystem.

No matter how good the horse is, its owner can sell it for whatever price they think is fair. The blockchain-based gaming experience is safe, fun, and secure in all possible ways. The user experience in ZED RUN is backed by the deployment on the Matic Network, while the crucial information is held by smart contracts.

The benefits that users get from ZED RUN in addition to Improved Stamina are as follows:

  • Gasless transactions
  • Huge prize pool
  • Futuristic possibilities

…and ten times faster transaction speed, provided users have connected their respective accounts to the ZED RUN wallet.

By the minting of ZED RUN horses, the legacy can be passed down through time. As blockchain partners, Ethereum and Polygon support racehorses. Anyone can create a ZED RUN account/stable by first registering with an email address and then linking MetaMask Wallet to the account. Once everything is in place, you must have at least one horse to begin ZED RUN.

According to a ZED RUN review, having a ZED RUN wallet is more beneficial since it adds to better transaction speed and eliminates the inclusion of gas/transaction fees.

ZED RUN racehorses are freely accessible on OpenSea and Hawku, where their owners can choose to promote their NFTs to increase their chances of selling the racehorse. Horses are placed for sale according to their class. Class 5 is the lowest number for the racehorse ZED RUN, with numerals ranging from 1 to 5.

Needless to say, Class 1 is the top class for ZED RUN racehorses.


Breeding racehorses requires players to have a male and a female racehorse in their stable, along with sufficient WETH. Only then can they breed a digital racehorse. ZED RUN has published a guide for the same.

Improved Stamina adds to the list of offerings by ZED RUN to enhance the experience of its players.

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