Zed Run revamps: ZED Token, Class 1 revamp, and more!

Zed Run is expected to bring some big changes, with Zed tokens taking over the virtual world and the revival of Class One. Major changes include the reduction of racing rake, breeding adjustment, and rebalancing classes 1 and 6, among others. The final version of the game has not been launched yet; however, these changes could enhance the gameplay experience for participants in Zed Run.

Class 1 and ZED tokens remain the most talked-about points. The introduction of the ZED token has been met with mixed reactions. Members of the community, nevertheless, are backing the initiative. The reason is that having a native token should have a larger utility. It has caused a slight uptick in its valuation in the last 24 hours. One concern that could exist is winning ZED and selling the token for Ether.

Players who have been less exposed to volatility will eventually face reality. ZED also remains volatile since forces are waiting to pump the selling and buying of the token. Holding ZED would allow players to keep things under check and pull the lever when the time demands them to do so.

A rise in the value of ZED would fuel the growth of the prize pool. It will feature the trading value between the token and the US dollar. For reference, ZED is currently listed at $0.04156, with a surge of 1.47% in the last 24 hours. The prize pool will ultimately translate to a higher US dollar conversion. One factor that supports this hypothesis is the growing demand for the token. The 24-hour volume is up by 2.85%, hinting that hands are constantly being exchanged.

Class 1 could be the pinnacle again. Zed Run’s upcoming attempts are centered on making the game competitive in the right spirit.

Class 2 has had an odd scenario of generating greater rewards. The elimination of EVO, rebalancing of Class 1 levels, and breeding changes all support the strengthening of Class 1. The removal of EVO paves the way for carrying forward a horse to Class 1 if it performs well. That opens the door to challenging the best horses in the game.

C1 would replicate the workings of C2, where lower-level horses compete with top-of-the-class horses. Horses that would earlier land on the bench will now have a chance to compete. Breeding changes have been defined as huge for the game.

Zed Run, a game created by the Australian company Virtually Human Studio (VHS), essentially enables players to buy, breed, and compete with their racehorses in the virtual world. The objective is to own and race a digital horse to win prizes. More details can be read in our Zed Run reviews that further shed light on the process of creating stability in the game.

Circling back to the big change, players can breed class one horse with another, irrespective of its parent’s level. There is speculation that at least 40% of the overall pool would be allocated to Class One prizes.

The Zed Run community is not optimistic about switching to a new economy token and advancement with Class 1. An official announcement will later set the timeline straight.

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