Zeepr goes live on EOS EVM

Zeepr Labs has announced that Zeepr is now live on EOS EVM, allowing its community members to leverage the holding of $EOS as collateral. This partnership aims to expand their ecosystems and strengthen connections with public chains. Benefits to the EOS Community, at the moment, pertain to using their holdings as collateral to open perp positions of trending assets.

Calling this an exciting step, Zeepr Labs has expressed its confidence that the ecosystem expansion will be mutually executed to benefit both partners. Meaning both of their ecosystems would eventually expand.

Zeepr Labs is celebrating the development by drawing 20 users at random and giving them an NFT airdrop. All they have to do is follow Zeepr Labs on X, formerly Twitter and Telegram. Participants must only belong to the EOS community.

The development has done its work on $EOS. The token is up by 2.24% in the last 24 hours, exchanging hands at $0.852 at the time of articulating this piece. It increased 9.38% and 21.81% in the last 7 days and 30 days, respectively.

Zeepr’s announcement comes hours after it expressed its sentiments to reward the BRC20 community. The team is incentivizing the community with the BRC20 version of $ZEEP. This will allow them to claim a free Zeepr NFT and a $ZEEP airdrop. Instructions to get a free NFT in that promotion are similar to the ones under the campaign for EOS EVM. Participants have to mint the BRC20 version of the token, follow Zeepr on X and Telegram, and fill out a form to submit the address.

A sneak peek into the alpha version of Zeepr on EOS has been made public. Users can utilize $EOS to trade perp contracts.

Users can begin by selecting the sort of assets for which they want to open a perp position. This includes EOSUSD and BTCUSD. Then, deposit $EOS as collateral and choose whether to make a short or long order.

EOS is fresh from a partnership with CoinTR, wherein it has assured the members that the growth of EOS is inevitable. The partnership dates back to November 2023 and is part of other developments that support the commitment to grow the community. Others include a listing with Binance Japan and the launch of Wharfkit by Greymass.

It has also recently concluded a Holiday Giveaway. The prize pool was 500 $EOS tokens, provided participants completed challenges on EOS Native and EOS EVM.

Zeepr Labs and EOS entering into a partnership to allow Zeepr to go live on the EOS EVM is a beneficial move for the expansion of the ecosystem. Members of both communities will see public chains gain strength. Twenty members are guaranteed to win an NFT airdrop after completing a set of instructions, following Zeepr Labs on X and Telegram.

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