Zenlink Enters Into a Partnership With Plasm Network

Zenlink has announced that it is partnering with Plasm Network to improve liquidity across various parachain assets; both Zenlink’s community and Plasm Network’s community will benefit from this partnership.

Plasm Network is a scalable platform developed with the help of the Parity Substrate. This dApp platform is built within the Polkadot ecosystem. 

The platform is all set to connect its testnet to Rococo VI ahead of the Polkadot Parachain Slot registration initiation. Once they have achieved this, there are plans to integrate Zenlink’s DEX front-end interactive products to layer 1 and layer 2 of Plasm Network.

Zenlink and Plasm Network have recently announced giving 1000 ZLK + 1000 PLM to 100 lucky winners on Twitter as a promotional offer.

A scalable smart contract dApp platform, Plasma Network leverages Polkadot’s support for development. It is based on Substrate and compatible with the Polkadot ecosystem. Plasm Network aims to win Polkadot Parachain by winning the Parachain auction.

Plasm Network supports the functioning of both Ethereum Virtual Machine and WASM layer 1 and layer 2.

Plasm Network is an open-source and decentralized platform that helps developers build an endless number of applications without worrying about scalability issues.

Zenlink is a cross-chain DEX network based on Polkadot by Web3 Foundation. It is dedicated to developing a newer generation of cross-chain DEX network. Zenlink lets parachains possess DEX capabilities to share liquidity with other parachains. This enables users to complete transactions quickly without incurring hefty transactional charges. ZLK is the native token of Zenlink.

Zenlink DEX Network is a unified, universal interface standard that helps extend the application system to a wider network environment.

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