Zentry & Beam boost Sophon: A zkSync chain for AI and Entertainment

Zentry and Beam, two brands commonly associated with the gaming community, have pooled $300 million to enact a revolutionary initiative that will forever change the entertainment, gaming, and AI sectors. 

This collaboration will mark the beginning of a joint effort within the Sophon Network that Seb will spearhead. This project’s goals can be realized by building a modular hyperchain dedicated to all high-performance tasks in fields such as entertainment, gaming, and artificial intelligence. The new ecosystem is built upon the zkSync platform, which is supported by robust zk technology capable of processing extremely high-throughput transactional operations.

The support provided by Zentry and Beam surpasses the value of donations. By combining their resources, personnel, and knowledge of the industry, they are collaborating to introduce the Sophon ecosystem to the marketplace. This necessitates the consolidation of their vast networks and the execution of numerous enhancement initiatives across the entire ecosystem, thereby fostering its continued prosperity and expansion.

This joint effort is innovative, bringing together the individual strengths of everyone involved to generate a technical basis that can realize its maximum capacity. Zentry has a strong network and a proven track record in the gaming industry. On the other hand, Beam employs advanced blockchain technology to efficiently manage complex game processes, thereby enhancing the game’s user experience. With its specialized structure, Sophon Hyperchain meets the needs of modern apps with excellent scalability and throughput.

Participation in the Sophon node sale, which allows for token acquisition, is another exciting aspect of the partnership. This placement gives node operators 20% of the token reserve. Furthermore, Sophon has revealed their plan to introduce staking, thereby enhancing the engagement of their ecosystem. By staking specified assets in the initial liquidity phase, the participants are able to collect $SOPH tokens via an airdrop. This program allows you to stake both of these coins—$BEAM and $ZENT.

Those who want to join the Sophon ecosystem can reap exclusive benefits from our offer. Users on our platform during the Zentry token sale on the 30th of April will enjoy a 10% discount and some unique benefits inside the Zentry ecosystem. Additionally, Zentry plans to reward its users generously: any participants who buy not less than one node during the sale are entitled to an airdrop of 5,000 $ZENT tokens. Additionally, users with at least 10,000 $ZENT tokens before the sale who purchase a node will be rewarded with an extra 10,000 $ZENT tokens. For this pool, 25 million $ZENT tokens have been set aside. The distribution will occur according to expediency.

The tokens used in this promotional airdrop will be available until May 2024, which is why everyone on board will be more enthusiastic and motivated by this groundbreaking project. The partnership of Zentry and Beam, which is behind Sophon, will bring about the much-anticipated mixing of technology, entertainment, and virtual engagement.

David Cox

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