ZetaChain launches the first Omnichain Smart Contracts

ZetaChain (ZETA), an omnichain smart contract platform based in California, has launched the most substantial testnet upgrade. This network upgrade would support cross-chain messaging and omnichain smart contracts for the first time.

Thanks to the powerful Athens 2 upgrade, ZetaChain is now the first public blockchain that allows smart contracts to access and manage any chain’s liquidity, data, and assets. This testnet would set an example for Web3 users in dApp building and enable the concepts of Bitcoin smart contracts. This would allow users to experience the swapping of BTC against other DeFi assets.

Developers can now take advantage of the thriving Ethereum smart contract ecosystem to build omnichain interoperability on ZetaChain with the help of Omnichain Smart Contracts, allowing them to create and deploy EVM-compatible smart contracts on the network and gain access to its universal connectivity. Omnichain smart contracts have shown the way by joining chains centrally, with ZetaChain handling native asset management.

Reduced gas fees are a perk that comes with using Omnichain Smart Contracts, both for the developers and the users. It allows for better and safer experiences while operating across multiple chains.

Trevor Holman

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