Zeus Finance to Integrate Chainlink Keepers, Price Feeds, and VRF

Zeus Finance has announced triple integration, where it has added all three major Chainlink services to the network, making it the first DeFi protocol on the Avalanche network to do so. The integration includes the addition of Chainlink Keepers, Price Feeds, and VRF.

Every service will have a different function to perform with a common objective of making the platform more robust. This will, in turn, help the protocol deliver a consistent and transparent experience to the users.

Chainlink Price Feeds will enable the platform to convert currency and calculate fees by providing real-time data. Chainlink Keepers will eliminate the manual interaction by automating the reward distribution process. Chainlink VRF will extend a helping hand to support the randomized airdrops of the native token.

Frank, the Chief Executive Officer of Zeus, called the triple integration an obvious choice by stating that all the services work together to deliver the required experience to the users.

Frank added that the integration makes the back end more efficient and allows the team to focus on building by lowering the first-hand action. The number of automated services has also increased for Zeus.

Chainlink, a household name for the crypto community, could be a strong ground for platforms looking to establish their presence in Web3. What makes Chainlink the preferred choice is its decentralized infrastructure that allows its partners to expand the use cases of decentralized finance.

The news announcement also saw Frank highlight the short plan of Zeus. Frank said that the short-term plan was to expand the use of VRF to randomize airdrops of an NFT collection that centers around the Greek Mythology theme. The NFT collection would allow users to access various utilities within the protocol.

Zeus Finance is built on the Avalanche network focusing on providing DaaS, short for DeFi as a Service. It is a decentralized financial suite to expand the platform by being the most rewarding, innovative, and trustworthy DeFi community on the Avalanche network. Moreover, Avalanche announced that its primary network had taken Chainlink Keepers and Chainlink VRF live through integration

Its native token, ZEUS, allows investors to expand their buying power through higher utilities.

Chainlink has set an industry standard since its inception in offering Oracle services. Chainlink currently secures billions of dollars for major industries, including gaming, insurance, and DeFi. It offers a universal gateway to all blockchains to the leading enterprises and data providers.

Chainlink Keepers was chosen out of all the available options because of its notable features that include:-

  • Low cost;
  • High uptime;
  • Expandable computation;
  • Decentralized execution.

Chainlink automates the maintenance tasks, thereby lowering the fees. Maintenance activities include rotating node selection to avoid gas price auction disputes and to keep prices stable. High uptime is a key feature as Chainlink has proven experience in keeping the network active even under the most volatile situations.

Decentralized execution is when a decentralized and transparent pool of Keepers provides strong guarantees around secure contract automation. Keepers perform off-chain computations, allowing developers to build dApps that are advanced and trust-minimized.

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