Zilliqa and GMEX ZERO13 unite for Carbon Offset Platform

Zilliqa, a blockchain system known for its speed, security, and affordability, has partnered with GMEX Group in a thrilling collaboration. The two parties will focus on GMEX’s innovative mission, ZERO13, which aims to revamp how retail buyers interact with corporate responsibility initiatives. They plan to create a groundbreaking carbon offset program to change environmental efforts.

The Zilliqa Group-GMEX ZERO13 partnership aims to create a blockchain-powered platform. The platform will use EVP, a new digital currency representing carbon offsets. When clients interact with Zilliqa-affiliated businesses, they will receive EVP tokens that are securely held on the Zilliqa blockchain. These tokens allow them to support environmental goals and offset carbon emissions.

This innovative approach allows users to allocate tokens to pre-selected carbon credit programs, allowing them to support certain environmental causes. It grants consumers power by involving them in efforts to achieve carbon neutrality and empowering them to make more informed purchasing decisions.

The distinctive quality of EVP tokens is their programmability. Every token comes with expiry rules; if not utilized for a carbon offset scheme before that date, they are canceled or returned. This design encourages rapid participation in environmental causes, ensuring that tokens fulfill their intended purpose.

Carbon credit developers benefit greatly from this platform. It raises awareness and gives projects a unique chance to gain support and funding. It acts as a digital link between these projects and customers who care about the environment and want to help find real solutions for the planet.

Businesses may lead corporate sustainability by partnering with this platform. They can clearly show how their and their customers’ carbon offsets are allocated. This broad transparency boosts customer confidence and brand recognition as the public becomes more environmentally aware.

Zilliqa Group and GMEX collaborate to take advantage of their strengths. Zilliqa Group provides a solid blockchain platform and GMEX multi-asset trading expertise. Consolidating these assets created a robust transparency and accountability platform. Moreover, this partnership integrates with GMEX’s existing services, such as ZERO13, a sophisticated AI- and blockchain-powered international carbon exchange, registry, and asset transfer network.

Zilliqa Group CEO Matt Dyer has highlighted the significance of this collaboration, signaling a steady move toward a more eco-friendly future in the ever-changing technical and informational spheres. The GMEX ZERO13 cooperation allows people to fight global warming actively. Their technology connects carbon credit producers with eco-conscious purchasers, creating a new sustainable era. Zilliqa’s energy-efficient blockchain technology makes carbon offsetting convenient, intriguing, and empowering.

Hirander Misra, Chairman and CEO of GMEX Group and ZERO13, stressed the need to update the carbon credit transaction process at the recent event. He said the existing system lacks transparency and relies too much on manual tasks, causing fragmentation. He stressed the necessity of improving this system to build market trust and encourage businesses and customers to work together to fight climate change.

Zilliqa Group Chairman Mark Hemsley emphasized the association’s power. He said Zilliqa and GMEX ZERO13 are creating a climate engineering solution. It establishes new corporate responsibility standards and makes carbon offsetting accessible to everyone. This aligns with Zilliqa’s goal of promoting development and giving customers a direct, candid, and remarkable opportunity to help solve environmental issues.

Zilliqa and GMEX ZERO13’s partnership is a massive step toward a greener planet. This combination makes sustainability worldwide accessible and engaging by allowing people to offset carbon activities. This revolutionary platform has the potential to transform how businesses and citizens interact with and manage our natural environment.

Roxanne Williams

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