Zilliqa commences a new chapter with Zilliqa Group

Zilliqa has announced that it has officially concluded the transition from Zilliqa Research to Zilliqa Group. The core difference lies in the ideology of now encompassing all the associated businesses under a single umbrella. The focus will be on providing blockchain and Web3-related products and services. Zilliqa Group will continue venturing on its native blockchain with no change in it whatsoever.

Moreover, the features that Zilliqa will carry forward as a Group are reliability, security, and self-reliance. Decentralized applications can be constructed on the network for developers looking to leverage the infrastructure that boosts high performance. Zilliqa’s technical team is in the loop to work in their respective areas. Again, with no change of any kind.

Overall, blockchain development and operations will not be hampered by the transition of the company becoming a Group. The only aim is to have a new corporate structure that is able to support innovations being brought for further construction of the network. Needless to say, it also goes on to cover upgrades that will be implemented in the days to come.

One of the subsidiary companies that will fall under the Group’s umbrella is Roll1ng Thund3rz. It was incubated by Zilliqa and then rolled out as a standalone firm. A detailed list has not been mentioned in the announcement made by Zilliqa; however, most of its subsidiaries are likely to go through a similar transition.

Moving forward, Zilliqa Group will work on features like DeFi, spatial web verticals, and a new structure of corporate management. It will serve as a fundamental ground for the upcoming construction of applications and incorporations. Matt Dyer from Zilliqa has extended his statement to the media in the announcement.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Group has explained that the move to become Zilliqa Group is a pledge to all the developers in the ecosystem that the company will look for solutions that meet the current and future demands of their projects. Matt has further stated that they will keep setting a new benchmark for the industry.

The CEO Officer of the Group will be chaired by Matt Dyer, who is responsible for day-to-day operations along with corporate affairs. Sandra Helou and Richard Watts, the Chief Technical Officer of Zilliqa, will accompany him as GCC lead for Zilliqa Group. The Board of Directors will be restructured to enable them to oversee the transition process. The Board will be chaired by Mark Hemsley.

Mark is a firm believer and supporter of the transition. He believes that the transition to Zilliqa Group will largely benefit the innovative use cases that it is about to bring into the Web3 sphere. Calling it a landmark moment, Mark has emphasized that they are strengthening their position in the industry and charting a new course toward developments in blockchain and Web3 segments. Juzar Motiwalla, the Co-founder of Zilliqa, will retain his role as a Director.

Trevor Holman

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