Zilliqa expands its presence in Europe by listing on Bit2Me exchange

ZIL is now available on Bit2Me, a major European and Latin American exchange.

ZIL, the native cryptocurrency of Zilliqa—a blockchain with high throughput and low transaction fees—is now listed on Bit2Me. Bit2Me is one of Europe and Latin America’s most popular centralized exchanges. It is a fully regulated platform, licensed by the Spanish Central Bank as the first authorized Spanish crypto services provider.

The exchange has raised funds from BBVA Spark, a full-fledged financial service provider, through BBVA, a leading Spanish bank. Furthermore, Bit2Me has Telefónica backing, making digital asset payments easier for customers.

Such a listing allows over one million Bit2Me users to conveniently acquire and trade ZIL,  which significantly contributes to the coin’s popularity and awareness in Europe and Latin America. Furthermore, users can perform ZIL transactions both directly to the Zilliqa wallet and through the purchase of a Bit2Me Mastercard, thereby broadening the usage range of Zilliqa’s native token.

Bit2Me exchange is used by more than 150,000 unique monthly users in more than 100 countries, and the growth has been incredible. This year, the number of active wallets has increased by 140%, reaching a total of 456,000.

Zilliqa holds over 280 assets on the Bit2Me platform, including its global reach and desire to achieve interoperability. This strategy is predicated primarily on EVM compatibility and a dedication to designing a scalable and efficient network.

Zilliqa is well-positioned to grow its DeFi as the nascent ecosystem expands rapidly, thanks to partnerships with large exchanges such as Bit2Me and an affordable, high-volume network that developers can use.

The ZIL listing on Bit2Me doubles the blockchain’s visibility in Spain, Europe, and Latin America’s emerging markets. Bit2Me’s large impact brings tremendous opportunities to improve liquidity and grow network usage.

Zilliqa has grown in popularity in Spain thanks to its relationship with the world’s biggest esports team, MAD Lions, and the unique “Skill2Earn” shooter game, Web3War, developed by Roll1ng Thund3rz, a Zilliqa Group subsidiary. This game has grown in popularity throughout Latin America.

Bit2Me’s decision to add ZIL to its services, like these projects, leverages the success of those initiatives by increasing accessibility and creating more chances of the Zilliqa network’s adoption. More than that, it is a brilliant opportunity for the Zilliqa CEO, Matt Dyer, to make the most of the ZIL listing on Bit2Me.

According to Zilliqa CEO Matt Dyer, ZIL’s listing on Bit2Me, known for its outstanding compliance and large user base, benefits both experienced and inexperienced traders. Spain and Latin America are quickly growing Zilliqa ecosystems, and we are glad to give this listing to our community there. He highlighted Zilliqa’s exciting DeFi ecosystem, which is growing due to its EVM compatibility and the planned Zilliqa 2.0 upgrades that will open doors to millions of merchants and ordinary consumers.

Director of Listings at Bit2Me, Cosmin Staicu, was delighted to see that ZIL had been introduced to the platform, thereby expanding Bit2Me’s client base. Staicu noted that the company hopes to offer ZIL alongside other crypto assets on its platform. Bit2Me considers it a token from a promising blockchain project and its customers can access over 280 assets and help them grow and accomplish new milestones.

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