Zilliqa Group and Google Cloud form strategic partnership

Zilliqa Group and Google Cloud have formed an exclusive partnership to develop the Zilliqa Layer 1 blockchain protocol. This will pertain to upgradeability, durability, and data connectivity. In the case of Web3 services and decentralized applications that will be developed on the Zilliqa blockchain, initiatives within the Zilliqa Group and throughout the ecosystem will benefit from Google Cloud’s contribution by utilizing a robust platform.

Google Cloud will join the existing 28 SSN operators as a staked seed node (SSN) operator on the Zilliqa network. As an SSN operator, Google Cloud will provide node framework hosting services and simultaneously authenticate network-wide transactions. This will enable users to actively participate in its decentralization, security concerns, and overall governance. Zilliqa Group will utilize Google Cloud’s open, secure, and upgradable framework and services to improve its blockchains’ malleability, strength, and data connectivity.

According to the chief executive officer of Zilliqa Group, Matt Dyer, the collaboration with Google Cloud is intended to enable the companies to accomplish their revenue growth objectives. According to him, combining Google Cloud’s experience and status as a staked seed node will make this feasible.

Since 2017, the year it was formally established, Zilliqa has been working in blockchain innovation. Scilla is a Web3 programming language with a focus on smart contract security, and its mainnet sharding was the first blockchain to address blockchain upgradeability concerns. This is essential for Web3 projects and dApps to enhance transaction and throughput, gas pricing, and the security of smart contracts. Transactions on the Zilliqa network are boosted via sharding. To partition the network into manageable pieces, or “shards,” each node handles a portion of transactions.

Zilliqa Group’s key focus is on maintaining network stability while it works to improve Layer 1 blockchain features like the implementation of a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, the implementation of an improved sharding system, and the delivery of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) flexibility.

Zilliqa uses GKE, Google’s Kubernetes Engine, to power its platform. Zilliqa’s capacity to run its nodes around-the-clock is made possible by GKE’s improved stability, auto-upgrade, rollback, and continuous incorporation and delivery features. This paves the way for improved Web3 projects relating to gaming, DeFi, and loyalty systems. Security Command Center, a common Google Cloud risk and safety management tool, is also used by Zilliqa. 

Zilliqa will leverage BigQuery, Google Cloud’s serverless data repository, to publicize its blockchain datasets and clear away technical issues. This allows users to watch gas fees and focus on high-traction tokens and dApps in the Zilliqa ecosystem using mainnet transaction data. Additionally, Zilliqa Web3 developers can use BigQuery for data-driven insights.

Zilliqa has adopted Google Workspace to improve collaboration and communication between its affiliate enterprises’ employees in 15 countries. Google Workspace integrates applications such as Gmail, Docs, and others into a single workspace.

James Tromans, Google Cloud’s Web3 Head, said their main goal is to grow Web3’s capabilities. Now, with the help of Zilliqa, they will focus on sharding and making blockchain datasets available for public scrutiny.

Zilliqa Group, formerly known as Zilliqa Research Private Limited, provides the premier Web3 and blockchain framework. The company’s primary objective is to allow enterprises and governments to migrate to Web3 and the spatial web. Google Cloud accelerates businesses’ capacity to transition to the digital space. The company offers advanced solutions that utilize Google’s cutting-edge technology and creation-facilitating tools.

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