Zilliqa network upgraded to v9.3.0 successfully

The Zilliqa v9.3.0 upgrade is officially live on the mainnet. The announcement was made on the X/Twitter account of Zilliqa.

The tweet read that the upgrade brings several network improvements. These improvements include EVM enhancements, sharding changes, mining rewards, and general fixes. 

Besides this, v9.3.0 is bringing improved efficiency and reliability to the network. The upgrade is a major step toward Zilliqa 2.0 as it integrates robust features with the network. 

Active reward control is the most noteworthy change Zilliqa has brought to users, along with desharding. The community approved the improvements after a voting session on Zilliqa’s governance platform.

gZIL holders voted on the relevant proposals, and the majority chose the reward control and desharding features. With the reward control system, ZIL miners and holders will have safety against inflation fluctuations.

The network will revise its reward levels based on governance and network decisions. At the same time, it will assure stakers and miners that they will receive industry-competitive returns for their efforts and investments.

Shards will be removed from Zilliqa 2.0 for a brief period. It will improve the network’s efficiency until a new architecture is introduced. The new framework will reduce block time while elevating its throughput and overall efficiency.

In addition to these capabilities, the Zilliqa team has made sure that EVM compatibility is a continuous area of focus. As a result, Zilliqa v9.3.0 now supports Type 1 and Type 2 EVM transactions. 

It expands the compatibility of the Zilliqa network with EVM applications. Moreover, the upgrade has added the ability to reflect errors during Scilla contracts with EVM apps in the transaction receipt. 


Several additional modifications have also been made around EVM compatibility, such as bug fixes and support for integer block numbers in ETH APIs. Given the magnitude of the update, Zilliqa is expected to expand its market reach in the coming months.

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