Will Zilliqa’s Price Be Able To Leave The Bears Behind?

Incepted in 2017, Zilliqa (ZIL) is a decentralized blockchain platform, that enables faster transactions and makes blockchain technology more scalable by using sharding technology.

Current Data:

ZIL Price Prediction

As on May 7, 2019, at 08:44:05 UTC, the market price is $0.016945. Zilliqa price is up by 7.26% from the last closing price. Current market cap is around $ 147,713,186 USD, 24 h volume is at $ 22,907,113 USD and ROI is at a negative 87.57%. Zilliqa coin is currently ranked number forty-seven in the crypto market. In the last 24 hours, the highest price was, and the lowest price was USD 0.015414. As on April 7, 2019, at 08:49:03 UTC, the price was $0.025303. The downward movement in price over the last month was to the extent of 33.03%. 2018 was a bad year for cryptocurrencies market, ZIL coin too suffered the same fate. Being a new coin, the price of Zilliqa is slowly inching upwards with short fluctuations at regular intervals.

Price Prediction for 2019:

Zilliqa is a new coin in the crypto world, but it has managed to hold its ground against blockchain bigwigs. Off late, it has been exploring partnerships and investments with key players including Uber and SpaceX. One of its major partnership has been with Majcoin has attracted much attention and put it on the crypto market hotspot. This deal has attracted many customers and investors to the platform. The Zilliqa team has also been involved in giving grants to new projects with potential, and this will take Zilliqa’s fortune to a completely new level. The Sharding technology and faster transaction speed of Zilliqa is also one of the plus points. These major ventures will help towards strengthening its market position and subsequently, to an increase in its price.

The short term outlook looks, however, a little bleak and bearish. For the long-term, analysts are confident that for Zilliqa, due to its strong technology and powerful collaborations, the best is yet to come. ZIL Prediction expects the price to be around 0.5 USD by the 2019 year-end. The CEO Xinshu Dong has full faith in the platform and believes that the platform will scale new heights in the coming months. To conclude, the news around Zilliqa has been positive, which will help the price to surge upwards. To know more about the future price of Zilliqa, you can visit our Forecast page.

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