zkLink & BNB chain join hands to shape the DeFi future

zkLink has announced integration with BNB Chain, facilitating DeFi enthusiasts with a chance to deposit and withdraw their BEP-based assets on the network. BNB Chain going live on the alpha mainnet makes sure that users are able to retain custody of their deposits at all times.

The integration between zkLink and BNB Chain comes with a couple of benefits. The first on the list is allowing users to aggregate liquidity from multiple networks and chains via a unified layer without having to worry about the security aspect. Needless to say, the second benefit is seamless access to the BSC ecosystem. All users have to do is register on zkLink now that the team has connected with BNB Chain.

The community of zkLink has responded positively to this development. Most of them have congratulated the team, while other users have expressed happiness in their own way. Like, one user has shared a meme of a man giving standing ovations to someone on the stage. The partnership aligns with the mission of zkLink to enable a connected DeFi-verse and have a multi-chain blockchain ecosystem.

zkLink had earlier launched the Alpha Mainnet and called it a proud moment for the entire ecosystem. Saying that the system is alive, zkLink emphasized that it would be open only to select whitelisted users for a while. This means that the Alpha Mainnet would run in a private mode till the time the team is not satisfied with its results. Tests being conducted by zkLink include penetration tests and stress tests. This was stated while confirming that its smart contracts have been audited.

Two decentralized applications are expected to go live when the testing phase ends. These are zkex.com and zkJump.

Zkex.com is a crypto exchange that is decentralized and self-custodial in nature with all the features of a centralized exchange. zkJump is a cross-chain bridge connecting cryptocurrencies, no chains, exchanges, and networks.

That development has also been received positively by the community, with most of the members congratulating them on the success.

This happens as BNB Chain gears up for the upcoming hackathon with an aim to inspire developers to build on BNB Greenfield and opBNB. Hackers who register for the hackathon will become eligible for rewards. The event is running from July 13, 2023, and it will conclude on September 01, 2023.

Rewards for participants include cash prizes, participation in Gas Grant Program by BNB Chain, marketing packages, and access to tools & services at a discounted price. The event is backed by Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, COMBO, Hooked Protocol, and Ultiverse, to mention a few brands.

Projects that stand out on the list will be selected based on the expertise displayed by the team, the implemented business model, and technical innovation. Also, they will have attractive prizes and benefits waiting for them.

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