ZKsync announces airdrop of 3.67B $ZK token to 695k wallets next week

ZKsync has announced plans to deliver a generous gift to its loyal community members. According to an announcement on ZKNation, starting June 17th, an unrestricted airdrop of 17.5% of the total token supply, i.e., 3,675,000,000 tokens, will be distributed as a show of gratitude. While this sizable portion will be airdropped at once with no vested requirements, the remaining 82.5% of tokens will be doled out incrementally through various ecosystem developments. 

ZKsync is a layer-2 scaling solution built to enhance Ethereum’s transaction speed while decreasing congestion by utilizing zero-knowledge proof rollups. It is the first-ever zkEVM chain on the Ethereum blockchain. This results in a scaling answer for decentralized applications (dAPPs) that maintains the robust security inherent to Ethereum. 

How to Qualify For The Airdrop?

The ZKAS Token Airdrop will distribute 17.5 % of its total token supply through two primary channels. The first channels receiving 89% of this allocation are the users who have performed transactions and met a certain threshold of activity on the ZKsync network. The remaining 11%, according to the announcement, will be distributed to contributors, “Individuals, developers, researchers, communities, and companies who contributed to the ZKsync ecosystem and protocol through development, advocacy or education—regardless of their activity on ZKsync”

ZK airdrop distribution

The implementation is carefully made so as to distribute fair use activity thresholds, allocation formulas, multipliers, and Sybil detection to protect against any abuses. Further, the ZKsync distribution allocates a maximum of 100,000 coins per wallet to prevent whales from accumulating vast sums of ZK tokens. By capping the biggest beneficiaries, the airdrop makes tokens more equitably distributed among community members. This is a positive measure that will incentivize engagement and make the ecosystem more active.

According to the detailed document, the addresses that are eligible for the airdrop are assigned using a weighted value-scaling formula that takes into account the ZKsync Era launched in the crypto-assets wallet. For example, if a user sends 100 USD to some address during the mainnet launch, this address is more likely to receive the tokens than if a user sends 100 USD to some address 1 month before launch. The tokens will go straight to ZKsync native projects, which include contributors and treasuries such as DeFi protocols, ZK chains, NFT collections, marketplaces, infrastructure, gaming, and so on.

How Will The Remaining Tokens Be Allocated? 

The remaining supply of the total 21 million tokens will be further divided: 17.2% to investors and 16.1% to the Matter Labs team. The tokens will have a one-year lock period and will be unlocked from June 2025 to June 2028 over a three-year period. 17.5% of the airdrop to a sizable number of wallets, 695,232, is one of the biggest token distributions among major rollups happening lately. 

ZK token distribution

The ZKAS token serves an important purpose by allowing holders to guide the evolution of the ZKsync protocol. Owners retain a voice in proposals that influence the platform’s future advancement and supervision, fostering an administration system devoid of centralized control and involving everyone. This mechanism not only fortifies the community but also ensures transparent decision-making, thereby resolving previous voting issues in decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

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