zkSync announces the launch of Pudgy World by Pudgy Penguins

zkSync has announced that Pudgy Penguins is launching Pudgy World in Alpha Q1 2024. ZkSync will power the launch, and the title will be accessible to two classes of participants: NFT holders of Pudgy Penguins and owners of Pudgy Toy.

Pudgy World has been defined as an immersive title that is open to multiplayer with a new business model and a chance to expand interactions in the digital realm. Pudgy World and zkSync have partnered to achieve their shared goals of mass onboarding, building to strengthen the future of Web3, and shaping the future of gaming.

Ethereum and Polygon share the vision of onboarding billions of people worldwide to achieve prosperity and progress. Pudgy World serves as a key partner since it makes the process accessible and fun for mass adoption. It blends community, entertainment IP, and ZK tech. Onboarding is a major step if a player is looking to fuel mass adoption.

Pudgy World’s foundation is backed by Ethereum and zkSync. The objective is to enable fast speed, an immersive user experience, and affordability. The ecosystem should encompass all of them without compromising the values of Web3.

zkSync is confident that Pudgy World will succeed in scaling and achieving mass adoption in the days to come.

This will eventually lead to the creation of a more promising future for gaming. This is about the next generation of gamers that will be exposed to blockchain technology thanks to Pudgy World. This has been compared to shifting to mobile gaming. That is, it is a transition to something more handy and accessible to everyone, regardless of their location.

The aspects of building lasting friendships and having fun make it more interesting. zkSync has called this unlocking new business models and gaming experiences.

One can get started by signing up on the official website of Pudgy World. The community has started responding to the development. Some of the members have said that they cannot wait to play around with the game. Others have appreciated zkSync for choosing the right partners for their mission.

Pudgy Penguins has called the launch a new era of blockchain-backed experiences while underscoring that they are looking to onboard millions of users to the ecosystem. It builds upon the native mission of creating an open world for storytelling experiences that every user can play on-chain.

Pudgy Penguins will be testing the features with the community until the launch time. It will first make an appearance at the Pudgy Miami Art Base event. And later, in June 2023, the Pudgy Penguins shared the floor with some of the famous characters at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo.

The launch will task the gamers with reuniting Pudgy with peaches and exploring new ways to interact in the social circle. Needless to say, there are many more activities lined up for the main launch.

Scanning the supplied QR code, creating an account, and redeeming qualities is a live experience. It will be improved in the coming year when the existing experience is combined with the physical and digital worlds of Pudgy Penguins.

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